air admittance valve

  1. CapMcC

    AAV Recommendations for a Tight Space

    I have a tight space in which I need to install an air admittance valve (AAV). The below image shows the back of the wall behind my bathroom sink that is competing with my nearby tub drain to see who can suck out the other's p-trap faster. From my review of IRC P3114, my options seem very...
  2. aopchuck

    Concerned About Venting Drain on New Shower

    I' installing new shower and trying to fit waste in cramped subfloor. This is the view from the basement with the p trap just loosely attached to the shower drain a bit behind the current waste pipes. The top of the main sewer waste stack is on the in the shadows on the right and has an open top...
  3. BryceinSLC

    Air Admittance Valve Protective Cover - Is It Needed?

    I just replaced an air admittance valve under the sink The old one had the protective cover over it. Is this needed? From what I gather its good for when its outside, but will having it on help or hinder when used inside? Thanks!
  4. heckmab

    Double Vanity with AAV

    Hello, I really appreciate this amazing forum. I’m an HVAC guy trying to learn plumbing. I am currently remodeling my master bathroom and live in Rochester, NY. House was built in 1988. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology to describe my issue. My issue is this: we want to install...
  5. Brenton

    Gurgling RO countertop system

    I recently moved into a new house and reinstalled there the reverse osmosis kitchen countertop system I have (Aquasana's OptimH2o Reverse Osmosis + Claryum Under Counter). Whenever it recharges/refills it makes a very loud gurgling sound. Another (perhaps related) problem is that the water flow...
  6. ngmtl

    Venting Problems - How to Diagnose Positive vs. Negative Pressure

    From what I understand, it's generally safe to say that gurgling from a drain signals a venting issue. I'm looking for ideas to help diagnose which of two possibilities is in play. Feel free to suggest other possibilities that I have not considered. Possibility 1 - Negative pressure but with...
  7. tim griffin

    Kitchen Island Plumbing Ideas Help

    We were sort of forced into an early kitchen remodel (years before we were ready) and I need some help on plumbing our island. Ahem I thought I had this all worked out in my head but now I'm a bit unsure. The house sits on a foundation with a crawlspace with a 3" drain about 10 feet in front...
  8. Brian in Virginia

    Air Admittance Valve seems to be a problem

    A friend called about slow drainage in his double kitchen sink. When the dishwasher empties, water backs up into both bowls. When I remove the AAV, water flows freely--no problems, even during dishwasher discharge. I replaced the Studor Mini-Vent with a new one but the same problem returned...
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