1. M

    plumbing plan check please

    Hello all, First of all, thank you for your time. It’s much appreciated. I’m located in HI and this will need to pass inspection. I have some questions about under-slab drains and my venting plan. As you can see in the pictures, the wet wall is facing the septic. Septic is already installed. I...
  2. Terry

    Florida plumbing repairs after Hurricane Ian, What advice can we give you?

    Florida plumbing repairs after Hurricane Ian, What advice can we give you? Watching the news on television about the recent storm damage, I can see that Florida has much to do in the future. Some of it will be total rebuilds and some might be minor. Lot's of in-between too. On these pages...
  3. BobLobLo

    Need to replace old softener, company that did original install gave me really high quote, advice appreciated on sourcing my own softener.

    Hello, thanks for taking time to help! TL:DR - want to purchase my own unit, need help finding a quality unit; I want a unit that is efficient for my situation and don't want to get ripped off (what's marketing bs what's real?) My current unit is ~20 years old, stopped taking salt. Due to age...
  4. OurlittleFarm

    Looking for Input on water strategy

    Hey all, thanks for such a cool forum, and extra thanks for taking a look at my question! I have got a well in the Cleveland Area in a house we just purchased. Some facts: * We have 4 little girls, and 6 of us total * The previous owner ran a well drilling company, and died about a decade...
  5. Bnewell101

    Bathroom addition venting help

    I'm adding a small bathroom addition to my house and I'm not sure the best way to set it up. Here is a rough sketch on what I came up with but I'm not 100% sure if it will work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Wandering_Burr

    Hybrid - Heat Pump / Cheaper to operate than Gas in SoCal?

    I am looking at replacing my 50 gallon NG Water Heater and aside from the up front costs of electric/condensate line/capping the gas and vent (which are not small), the EPAs calculators appear to show a significant savings over ten years versus Natural Gas. Despite my searches this topic doesn't...
  7. Newbiehere

    Navien combo boiler Help! Leaking expansion tank advice needed please.

    Plumber called and explained how to fix myself. So no worries now.
  8. Mike_Pk

    Is Pelican salt softener good vs Fleck? + asking for advice

    Precondition: - I want salt water softener - I have a city water - 3 people in the household, looking for up to 48K grain item - 2 full bath, 1 half bath in house - live nearby Houston. Have not completed water test yet - looking for DIY solution, budget is up to $1200. - House is not...
  9. JoeBMN

    Master bathroom venting critique/advice

    Hi! First of all thank you for the forum and help, I have learned a tremendous amount from everyone's generosity! I am in the process of building an addition, and am currently working on my plumbing design. I have the Master Bathroom laid out, and was hoping someone could critique my venting...
  10. TinTweak

    Looking for advice on choosing and installing a water softener

    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice on choosing and installing a water softener; as well as a carbon filter for chlorine and a RO system sometime down the line. Let me apologize in advance for my lack of understanding in the subject and say that I greatly appreciate any...
  11. ScottDee

    Bsmnt Laundry Proposed Drainage

    Since it's COVID season and I'm home bound, I'm dreaming of how to move my laundry to the basement. I did up a sketch and I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that this is a reasonable way to put the drainage in for a laundry tray and washer standpipe. The existing drainage is a bit wonky, so I'm...
  12. Siltix

    What to do with rust build up in 4" cast iron pipes?

    Just removed about 20' of 4" vertical cast iron pipe today, as there was a 3' crack in one section, and a bunch of random cracks in another, so im going to replace it with PVC. It ends with an abrupt 90° angle which then feeds into a bunch of cast iron T joints which all seem to be in good...
  13. Melody

    Question on breaker, wire, and outlet for Oven/range

    It may be a silly question, I am looking for advice on but hopefully not. My old range broke, dead as a doornail. I got a new range. The issue is as such, the old range, and the corresponding outlet was 30amp, 3 prong, the new range is 40-50 amp max, 4 prong. My breaker for the range is 50...
  14. Twon1926

    Second delayed burn this year

    Good evening, Looking for some advice. We just Experienced our second delayed burn this year. The first one filled the basement with smoke fire department called it was all very dramatic. This one I noticed by the carbon monoxide detector going off in the basement and was able to shut it down...
  15. Shari

    Need AAV help, please

    I have a slow draining bathtub and I believe the problem is inadequate venting. The bathroom is located in an area that is similar to a basement. It’s a hillside house and the back wall and part of the sides of the first floor are concrete. When the plumber did the work, many years ago, AAVs...
  16. Antil

    ABS hub broke. Need advice.

    Do I have to replace the whole hub or there is another an easy and a reliable solution. Thanks!
  17. rx2waveplumb

    What are the possible issues with outdoor faucets contaminating indoor water supply?

    I'm new to plumbing as new homeowner and so have I been performing some simple plumbing and found that it's kind of fun. I love to learn and I was reading up on outdoor faucets and the design of frost free anti-siphon outdoor faucets and the reasons for the anti-siphon mechanism which is to...
  18. Rjlongtin617

    Sewage grinder

    My E*1* (inside the house) sewage pump grinder kicks on at alarm level most of the time and only sometimes when it should, at high level. I've noticed that when it turns on with out alarming there is very little backflow. When it kicks on at alarm level, it seems to drain the majority of what it...
  19. AnTonC

    15.5 Inch Rough-in

    Hello, I know variations of the question get asked a lot, but here is my personal situation. I recently moved into a new (used) house with a basement bathroom where the toilet has a 15.5 inch rough-in (house built in 2012), which has almost a 5 inch gap between the tank and the wall. Because...
  20. BKH2323

    Pew! My water smells strongly of rotten eggs.

    Help! I moved into a new home in February and the water smells strongly of rotten eggs. None of my neighbors are having the same issue. I would like to get professional advice without someone trying to sell me something. Where should I go?! What should I do?! Details: - Strong rotten egg smell...
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