1. TheOverThinker

    Installing anode rode into the electric element hole. Thread FIP or?

    I'm working with a 1982 tank, still in operation, and wanting to change the anode rod. Can I use the electric element ports instead? However, the original anode is not coming out at this point, it's too late by a decade or so. It's a Rheem Solaride 120 tank, with two unused element ports...
  2. Primemover

    Galvanized to PVC Question

    In my situation there is not enough room between the galvanized fittings to cut and have a stub big enough to use a no-hub adapter. I am working with a 1-1/2" waste line. I am wondering if I can connect one side of a No-hub adapter over the female portion of a galvanized fittings (maybe use a 2"...
  3. Iuka Gary

    Adapter for female end of meter connection

    I want to adapt my pressure gauge to the female lower end of the house side of my gas meter adapter, sometimes called the swivel adapter, but mine is straight. As you know, it has sort of a female union connection but with a rubber gasket. I tried fitting the male side of a black iron union...
  4. dave94

    Bathroom sink faucets

    I was looking at under my bathroom sinks to start replacing the faucets and the water supply is hooked up with the hoses that are used for toilets. They have the 7/8" ballcock nuts on the end. Another problem is the union that the hose is attached to the shutoff valve is all one piece. The hose...
  5. Raghav

    Which adapter should I buy?

    I am a complete plumbing newbie. The hose that connects my sprinkler system to the tap disconnected and is no longer staying connected after several tries. Which adapter should I buy to connect? (See images for details) In the image top facet goes to sprinkler, bottom goes to tap. One the top...
  6. mha

    Faucet and Head don't fit - adapter?

    Hey guys, I have a shower faucet that measures 1 in diameter, and am trying to fit a standard 1/2 in shower head onto it. Anyone know of an adapter that can fit this?
  7. ronofdolton

    Need Help Finding Quick-Connect for Sink Adapter

    I need a quick-connect hose that fits the adapter for the Oster QuickBreeze/OralBreeze dental irrigator. Oster doesn't sell the quick-connect separately. The Oster aerator adapter has both an inner (55/64") and outer (15/16") thread. Appears to be the same as Brasscraft SF0060X adapter. Oral...
  8. JeremyF559

    Can I install a 1 inch water softener on 1.5 pipe?

    We have a well and our waterline going into the house is 1.5 inches. Our interior water lines aren’t 1.5 inch so that’s why I’m thinking I can use an adapter to 1 inch. We don’t want to drastically lose water pressure though. Please let me know your thoughts and if it’s advisable.
  9. DN Thomas

    1/2" female straight thread to 3/4" male garden hose adapter needed

    I can find all kinds of brass pipe fitting adapters (NPT or tapered threads) but I need to GO FROM a diverter valve on a bathroom faucet with a 1/2" male straight thread nipple (so I need a 1/2" female straight thread on one side of my adapter) TO the female end of a garden hose (so I need a...
  10. JimG2017

    Help With Hand Held Shower Head Diverter in Aerator

    I am trying to setup a temporary shower in my jetted tub while I rebuild my standup shower. I hoped to simply add a diverter valve to the tub faucet via the screw in aerator but the tub faucet aerator is much larger than the standard sizes available. The aerator OD is approximately 1-3/32" and...
  11. Steve Thompson

    Toto Vespin leaking sewer gas

    I installed a Toto Vespin, with the adapter allowing it to be installed with a 10” rough in. During the installation I noticed a greater than normal amount of sewer gas venting from the closet bend. I plugged it with wadded newspaper while installing. After installing the toilet we began to...
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