1. Ryan Smith

    Fleck 5600SXT Carbon Filter Issues

    I use chlorine to oxidize iron in my water. Following the settling tank I have a backwashing carbon filter. It's a Fleck 5600SXT on a 10x54 with 1.5cuft of GAC. It came set up with a 6GPM DLFC. In the first couple cycles I did notice some media out the drain line, but I just figured that was...
  2. J. Walter Weatherman

    Fleck 5600SXT Programming Advice

    Hi all, I recently had a Fleck 5600SXT 48k unit installed. The system is currently being used to clean up well water, which contains a small amount of iron / manganese. I am familiar with the concept of salt efficiency, and considerations related to iron, resin and regular backwash, but am...
  3. WaterN1nja

    48k 5600SXT Settings?

    Hey, Just purchased a 48k 5600SXT system and have been reading some of the other settings posts and trying to make sense of them. Should I go lower on the C and BF? Raise the DO? Also, I put 4 gal of water in the brine tank with 4 bags of salt. Was that too much water? Thank you Municipal...
  4. mggray87

    Fleck 5600SXT Program help

    Alright guys. cut me a tiny bit of slack with softeners. its a new world to me. I grew up entire life with no softener didnt even know they existed or what they were. I drank tap water for life. Bay Area SF has pretty darn good water. I moved out to brentwood farm area. and every house is built...
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