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  1. astro46

    Gas valve housing cuts off air flow

    This is a gas conversion on a Very old boiler that happened decades ago. Started out as coal. I've noticed that the flame, when the boiler is on is blue at bottom, but mostly orange. It has been like this ever since I can remember. In the past a professional heating company had done yearly...
  2. astro46

    Very old boiler, pressure relief releasing water. acceptable reducing pressure?

    This is likely the original boiler (1926, "The Capitol" size: 25-5), originally on coal, then oil, now running on natural gas, in Chicago, brick 2 story, 2 apt building. About five years ago the expansion tank developed a leak, so I replaced it with an ETX 15 diaphragm expansion tank. After...
  3. astro46

    Removing Jacuzzi Air Control Knobs

    I am trying to replace the rubber plunger below the center On/Off control. In order to do this, the plate needs to be removed, and in order to remove it, the 2 air control knobs have to be removed. Simple, eh? Problem is the knobs won't pull off. There are designed to just pull off. Apparently...
  4. astro46

    kitchen exhaust vent question

    I know, this really isn't an hvac question, the only relationship may be the use of sheet metal. Nevertheless: I want to install an undercabinet microwave vent hood combo over kitchen range. the current range hood (no microwave) exhausts into cabinet above, 6" rd vent, 2 90's, into wall, about...
  5. astro46

    water heater hot water line shut off valve

    i am about to replace the gas hot water heater. it currently has no shut off on hot water side. any reason not to add a valve to hot water side?
  6. astro46

    3 floors, kitchen sink gurgling on 1st

    1st, 2nd and 3rd floor kitchen sinks, stacked one over the other, seem to drain ok. problem is that that when 3rd floor kitchen sink drains there sometimes is soap foam or minor backup into 1st and 2nd floor kitchen sinks. and gurgling noise from 1st floor sink. i haven't been able to try...
  7. astro46

    rust clogging drain line?

    old (70? yrs) house, cast iron waste lines, in a 3rd floor bathroom that is infrequently used, the sink drain is clogged. the tub and toilet seem to be ok. i have taken off the trap and tried cleaning with a hand snake. i have gotten the snake in 4 feet and have taken nothing out. no hair. just...
  8. astro46

    correcting crooked toilet flange

    this is in a basement washroom. the wall behind the toilet was not square to the room. at some point someone installed a pvc(?) flange, into what looks like a clay closet bend, such that the toilet bolts alignment would allow the toilet to be mounted parallel to the crooked wall. i am...
  9. astro46

    rear discharge on negative slope waste line

    i have a rear discharge toilet that isn't flushing properly. bowl fills up to below rim, and "flushes", after tank fills, the bowl water level drip a few inches, as if the water is siphoning out. i tried rodding the toilet and found nothing. pulled the toilet off the wall and water came out of...
  10. astro46

    bowel water level falls

    this is a rear discharge toilet. the toilet has been shut off for several months, and seems to be clogged, since the bowl fills up, and then the level falls, not a normal flushing action. but this is isn't the main problem. after refilling, the bowl level is normal, then quickly falls about 3"...
  11. astro46

    tiling rear discharge toilet

    i have removed and reinstalled many bottom discharge toilets, but no experience with rear discharge, floor mount toilets. if i pull it out for tiling the concrete floor, should i be concerned with the discharge lining up with the wall flange and the wall mounting holes lining up after the toilet...
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