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  1. Snets

    Using 45's and lowering trap

    Can anyone tell me if I am OK lowering the trap on my shower drain? I want to go around a 1/2" copper pipe with some 45 degree elbows. going down to the trap. which will require me to add about three inches to the depth. That would put the bottom of the trap at 20.5" from where the water will...
  2. Snets

    Dual Trip Breaker Replacement

    I have two Type BR dual-trip breakers (15A) in my panel for what I think are called branch circuits (four circuits - that is two 14-3 wires with red and black hots, one common each...they share a common so when one trips, they both need to trip (red and black) I think I have that right. The...
  3. Snets

    New water lines to a shower..Codes?

    I'm building a new shower in a location where there was a tub. The location has 1/2" copper fron the former. I need, or want 3/4" supply to that location for the shower system I have chosen (shower head, hand shower and 4 body sprays) The location is upstairs, partially over he garage. The...
  4. Snets

    Moen 3371, Moen 3600, New shower valves and existing lines

    I am remodeling a bath and the old shower has hot & cold 1/2" copper tubing supply lines. I purchased a vertical spa system and need to rough-in a Moen 3371 Thermostatic Valve and three Moen 3600 Volume Control Valves. All of the valves have 3/4" IPS connections. Also, it looks like the...
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