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  1. Thetruck454

    Honeywell R7284U install questions

    System is a oil fired Vega B10-4 boiler for hydronic heat with a separate zone for a hot water super store. I replaced my old R7185u with a R7284U. The old R7184 had the 15sec Valve on delay enabled, and the post purge was set to 4minutes. I wanted to double check my settings and ask some...
  2. Thetruck454

    Oil boiler gets dirty quickly.

    Looking for advice on what to check/what my next steps should be. I'm not a professional by any means, just a homeowner who likes to try to do things themselves. In the basement I have a 275 double walled steel horizontal tank with a general air red toped filter. The line then goes up about 4...
  3. Thetruck454

    Verify my Fleck 5810sxt settings

    I pieced my settings together from reading on here. Anything seam off? Water was tested to 9gpg .25gpm .75lb/min Injector 1 drain flow 2.4gpm 1.5cuft resin in 10x54 tank 15x17x36 brine tank DF:GAL VT:5810 RF:df1b CT:fd C:30 (This right for 6lbs salt/cuft?) H:10 RS:RC RC:200 Do:28 RT:2:00 BW:10...
  4. Thetruck454

    Sewer vent relocation

    I have I beam floor joists that are 16” o.c. and run parallel with the sewer line. Sewer main line is 3” Sink is 1.5” Shower is 2” Currently the shower is an alcove and the vent line is in that part wall. Wall to the right of the toilet is an outside wall. Remaining walls are inside walls I’m...
  5. Thetruck454

    Adding radiant heat to existing hydronic baseboard heating

    I want to add radiant heat to my hydronic heating system, but I’m not exactly sure how. The attached drawing is how I think it needs to be done, but I’d appreciate some input. I can’t get over the fear of a leak with radiant heat between the floor and subfloor so I’m running pex on the...
  6. Thetruck454

    City water softener and chlorine filter

    I'm on city water and have been having hard water issues. Got water tested and of note is ~10gpg hardness and ~1.5ppm chlorine. Called the water company and they confirmed they use sodium hypochloite and target 1ppm. I local plumbing supply place that I use has both watersoft and aquapure...
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