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  1. thekid1

    Plumbing drain layout for basement back to back bathrooms.

    Ok so anyone who was following my last thread, I decided to just bite the bullet and do the submersible pump. Now I'm trying to figure out how to do the drains for these 2 bathrooms. I really want a clear understanding of how I am going to do this before I start. Basically what I have is I...
  2. thekid1

    Non-submersible sewage pump for basement bathroom.

    I have a basement bathroom and I know that the traditional way is to install a plastic sewage tub and install a submersible pump inside, but I don't see why this can't be done with a non-submersible pump instead, so that I can just have pipes in the sewage tub instead of marinating the pump, and...
  3. thekid1

    Hand held bidet hose sprayer thingy. How to heat?

    Ok so I have this bidet hose that looks like an old style kitchen faucet sprayer. It tees in right where the supply water for toilet enters the toilet tank. Obviously this is cold water. Certain people would like this to be warm water. What's the best way to make this happen(running cost)...
  4. thekid1

    Alpine condensing boiler taking a long time to heat house.

    Hey guys. I installed an 80kbtu Alpine(Burnham) 95% efficiency condensing natural gas boiler in my home back in 2015. The home is roughly 1200sqft single story ranch with a full unfinished basement where boiler is located. Basement ceiling is not insulated. The windows upstairs are original...
  5. thekid1

    Insta-hot vs third hot loop

    Hello, I know there are a lot of variables that go into comparing the cost of each way to do this, but I was wondering if someone can give a ballpark answer. I am not asking about install costs, I am asking about which way is cheaper to run each system. If I had a sink that was far away from...
  6. thekid1


    Hello guys. I have an Alpine gas condensing boiler model #: ALP080B. The boiler runs great but today it was 7 degrees all day outside and I couldn't get the t-stat in the house to go past 67 with it set on 70. Sometimes it would even drop to 66. This has been going on all day. I wish I can...
  7. thekid1

    Combustion analysis and programming on Alpine 80k btu?

    Hey guys, I had recently installed an Alpine 80k btu condensing boiler. I have been having no luck finding someone to do a final tune to this boiler. I need a combustion analysis done and someone to program it so it runs at optimal performance. It runs great now but sometimes upon startup...
  8. thekid1

    Neep help on what kind of regulator for LP gas?

    Hey guys. I just installed a new natural gas/Liquid Propane gas fired, hot water condensing boiler. Gas line is installed as well. Natural Gas company is taking extremely long(going on 8 weeks now) to come install service. It is December and getting cold and I want to temporarily hook Liquid...
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