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  1. RonL1

    Pump check valve ?

    As I was installing my new pump, I looked down Into the top and saw this plastic piece that looked like a screwed in protection cap. I reached in and it was loose and it pulled up maybe an inch or 2. It had a raised section like it was made to turn and it did, I then realized it was probably...
  2. RonL1

    Odd question about sediment build up

    When I pulled my defunct pump up out of the well, everything looked pristine, just like out of the box, pump, pipes wires ... everything, except where the 1 1/4 fitting screwed into the pump. That whole area was covered in a ball of sediment. We had to chip it off to get to the fitting to...
  3. RonL1

    Total head calculation

    Even though I just replaced my submersible pump, I wouldlike to know my head and from what I see online it's a bit confusing. If I'm running a high of 60 psi through 1 inch pipes, with 4 elbows. Pump is 40 feet down. Static water level is 24 feet down. 55 feet of level pipe from well head to...
  4. RonL1

    Submersible pump availability

    My current pump ( Meyers predator 8gpm) has been down the hole for around 25 years. It's been driving my geothermal heat pump so it has thousands apon thousands of cycles. And I know, don't fix it if it ain't broke, but sooner or later it's going to give up. Which leads to the problem of...
  5. RonL1

    How do you wire a new 2 wire submersible pump ?

    Thinking ahead to when my current pump fails, I am wondering about wiring the new one. Current pump is a 220 / 2 wire , no ground ... just 2 wires going down the hole. I'm pretty sure all new pumps have 3 wires, 2 hots and a ground. What do I do with the ground wire ? Just run it up the well...
  6. RonL1

    Submersable pump went to half amps

    My 220 2 wire submersible normally runs for roughly 4 minutes while it's pushing water through my geothermal heat pump. And draws about 1280 watts (5.25 amps) I monitor them using an emporia monitor. I just happen to see my well kick on at half the watts (547) for 16 minutes ( and there was...
  7. RonL1

    Not saving money by lower temp setting

    We had our heater set for 140 lower and upper elements... we thought let's save a few nickles and lower the temp down. So, we lowered the elements to 125 and now the tank runs much longer to reheat. It seems we must be using more water at the 125 degree mark so it's taking longer to get it...
  8. RonL1

    Natural gas inspection question

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this..... I am replacing a standby generator with a larger one. Basically disconnecting it from the current gas line (2psi regulated down) and reconnecting to the larger one. I know I need to pull a permit to do this, but what will the inspection...
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