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  1. barlow96

    Water test results in..need help

    I received my water test results: calcium 30.8 mg/l iron 0.16 mg/l magnesium 7.9 mg/l total hardness 109 mg/l TDS 180 mg/l ph 7.45 lead .00195 mg/l copper .0395 mg/l turbidity 0.60 NTU IRB 2000 CFU/Ml e coli & coliform ND Nitrate as N ND I am wondering what way i should go. I am having...
  2. barlow96

    Information overload iron and IRB in well water

    Well i have been doing a ton of research and I'm not sure if i am more confused now or when i started. new house built in 2014 with an existing shallow well (100') constructed in 1980 (prior home which burnt down) water test in 2015: iron .0892 mg/l total hardness 99 mg/l total dissolved...
  3. barlow96

    240V baseboard heaters and programmable thermostat

    Hello all, I would like to install (2) 2000W 240V 8.3A baseboard heaters in my about to be finished basement and about the only programmable thermostat that i could find that would handle this load (at least based on my observations) is the honeywell TH106/U. The heaters are the 94''...
  4. barlow96

    Remodeling of Basement questions/plan of attack

    Well after a few weeks of intensive research on here I think I have narrowed down my plan of attack (I just want to make sure I am not missing anything and/or I do have a few questions). Details: Lycoming County, PA Zone 5A House - newly constructed modular (2015) on poured 8'' x 9 '...
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