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  1. rcbuilds

    12-3 NM cable secured with wrong size staples

    I've been doing some minor work on my basement and noticed that the previous homeowner (who fancied himself many things, including an electrician), had secured 12-3 NM cable with 1/2" staples (the "GB" branded with white plastic insulation fastened with two nails) instead of 3/4". At one point...
  2. rcbuilds

    Zurn mop sink drain assembly

    The Zurn mop sink I am installing offers no assistance on where the gaskets that come with the drain kit are to be placed. Along with the drain assembly, there is one rubber gasket and one cardboard friction washer. It is basically a giant no caulk shower drain The assembly instructions seem...
  3. rcbuilds

    Does this old black pipe fitting need to be replaced?

    The 50-year old black pipe reducing tee for my natural gas WH has a slight casting defect in it (right side of the 1" thread, looks a little "chipped"). Obviously this has been in constant use since 1970 with no issues, however, I will be having the WH replaced and the street elbow threaded...
  4. rcbuilds

    Existing B vent too big for WH. Use as chase for new?

    I have an “orphaned” WH (used to share same vent as furnace before 95% was installed) in my home venting into an 8” Metalbestos chimney through the roof. I am replacing the WH with another atmospherically vented model and would like to run a new, appropriately sized 4” B vent from the basement...
  5. rcbuilds

    Cast iron in wet vs dry soils

    I’m lowering the water level under my basement slab by installing a new sump pump with holes drilled about six inches deeper than the old weeping tile tied into the old sanitary system. This will put the groundwater level under that area of the slab just below the depth of the 4” cast iron...
  6. rcbuilds

    Cast iron wall thickness concerns

    Thanks Reach4. I played around a bit with the remainder of the cast iron on the trap that was pulled after I cut them apart. The thinner wall section definitely took some pressure to crack with a pair of pliers, but broke more easily than the normal cast thickness. I'm a firm believer in "do...
  7. rcbuilds

    Cast iron wall thickness concerns

    This must be a tough one! o_O Is a donut permissible below grade?
  8. rcbuilds

    Cast iron wall thickness concerns

    I'm reworking the DWV in the basement of my 1969 split level for my laundry room. I'm tapping into what was a 4" cast iron floor drain. I would like to use a mission coupling to tie in my new 4" PVC, but due to space constraints, the only place I could cut into the existing cast iron was the...
  9. rcbuilds

    (Not so) square cuts on Uponor PEX

    Hi All, No matter what I do, it seems that my cuts on PEX-A seem to be just a little off square. I'm using the Milwaukee PEX cutting tool. It's pretty easy to tell when I slip the expansion ring over the end. How crucial is it that the cuts on Uponor PEX are perfectly square? I've taken a...
  10. rcbuilds

    Concerns over grounding of copper DWV systems?

    I'm removing and replacing several sections of copper DWV pipe in my home to rearrange a bathroom layout. Part of this work involves removing a 3' section of the existing 3" copper stack and replacing it with PVC, with the remaining CU stack still continuing through the roof. The rest of the...
  11. rcbuilds

    HVAC for a (tiny!) room

    Hi All, I'm converting a very small (about 25 sq ft), closet in the rear of my unheated attached garage into a small kennel for my dog. It will have outside access through a dog-door and an exterior grade human-door. The room will be very well insulated, but it is positioned on the corner of...
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