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  1. Buffalobillpatrick

    Honeywell T775R2035 ?

    Anyone used one? Looks like a possible way to control a buffer tanks temp. Based on outdoor reset?
  2. Buffalobillpatrick

    Scored a new Vie$$man Vitocell 100B 79 gal Indirect It's a 79 gal Indirect DHW tank with 2 internal coil Heat Exchangers (HX) Planning my next house heating system. (I like buffer tanks) Zone 5 high altitude, 3 in-slab zones: 15Kbtu/h , 8K, & 8K Indirect...
  3. Buffalobillpatrick

    Taco PC705-2 ODR injection Control These units control P/S injection pump based on outdoor temperature and normally servo off a supply temperature sensor. $$ saving ? Could 1 of these units be used to control 2 very similar slab zones, with the supply sensor...
  4. Buffalobillpatrick

    Radiant floor, Boiler + 80 gal. Buffer, system works great.

    This Summer, I re-designed & re-plumbed my near boiler radiant heating system as I was having this problem: My TT Solo60 boiler could not modulate low enough in mild weather, it cycled on/off at about 5 minute rate (some call it "bouncing off the bottom") AND it would make a loud Foghorn noise...
  5. Buffalobillpatrick

    Solar heat storage in ICF walls?

    In house planning stage, high altitude 8.800', cold Colorado climate, great solar available. Has anyone tried running pex in ICF walls before pour & using concrete for solar heat storage? Warming the ICF concrete with solar would reduce my gas bill somewhat. In my planned ICF walls & footers...
  6. Buffalobillpatrick

    New Buffer-Centric Design, CI boiler + 2-way HX + large DHW/Buffer tank

    As I don't know how to post pics. I will try to describe a new design I'm working on. Burnham Revolution RV3 boiler, heats 120 gal. DHW/Buffer storage tank (called Tank from here on) via flat plate HX. 30* delta aquastat on Tank controls boiler fire. (say 140*-170*) DHW output is tempered...
  7. Buffalobillpatrick

    Sidewall Vent below modcon boiler?

    Is a sidewall vent allowed to exit house 7' below where it exits top of power vented TT Solo boiler?
  8. Buffalobillpatrick

    Modcon buffer tank temperature

    I'm planning new Buffer-centric system. Modcon, slab, & 120 gal. Buffer tank. Should buffer tank temperature be controlled by ODR, with Modcon set to continuous call for heat OR Aqustat on buffer tank 90 -> 110* controlling boiler, with thermostatic 3-way valve limiting water to floor 90*...
  9. Buffalobillpatrick

    3x Oversized ModCon with Concrete Slab, New Home

    Hello, this is my 1st post here. Great Site BTW. I'm designing my new ICF home. 2900 ft2 slab heat 3-zones with master/slave zone synchronization. I did a ResCheck DOE heat loss estimate with my proposed plans & got UA = 400 Location is Cripple Creek Colorado so my design Temp is about...
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