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  1. shawnv92

    Drain line under slab location

    I am in the process of converting a laundry closet area to a second bathroom, The house is built on slab, and the existing bathroom is in a fairly good condition, so I don't want to break it to tie into the existing line. There is a bedroom adjoining the existing bathroom in the direction of the...
  2. shawnv92

    Saniflo (Sanicompact) rough in

    Yes, the white PVC 1.5" coupling to 1.5" ABS sleeve connection has been made using transition (green) cement. Everything else on PVC side uses PVC primer and cement, on ABS side ABS cement.
  3. shawnv92

    Saniflo (Sanicompact) rough in

    Thanks for the advice, Tuttles and JoeJee. I decided to go above the junction box / conduit, since it didn't seem right to squeeze the pipe between the conduit and drywall, and the Saniflo rep got back to me saying the Sanicompact discharges at 10-15 psi, and a vertical lift should be used if...
  4. shawnv92

    Saniflo (Sanicompact) rough in

    Thanks! Do you think there's a big difference between C and D from a ease of flow/clogging perspective (when the vertical rise is small, say ~3 ft)? I like D as I want to minimize the waste travel in the 1" pipework, but the existing layout of pipes and electrical makes C easier. The saniflo...
  5. shawnv92

    Saniflo (Sanicompact) rough in

    I am using schedule 40 PVC for discharge from the Saniflo as well. But at some point the PVC line needs to connect to a standard drain stack, which in my case is ABS rated at 5 psi. Hence wondering if this is a problem or not. I believe when they say discharge should rise vertically before...
  6. shawnv92

    Saniflo (Sanicompact) rough in

    I am in the process of converting a laundry room to a half bathroom. The house is on slab, so I have decided to go with a Saniflo unit as I don't want to break into the slab. Specifically the Sanicompact (which is there all in one macerator unit), since the room I'm converting is also kind of...
  7. shawnv92

    Vertical DWV pipe cracked to concrete...almost

    I discovered a leak in my laundry closet, and on tearing the drywall discovered a crack in the tee in the vertical drain vent stack. The origin of the crack seems to not one but two drywall screws which the folks remodeling the bathroom (on the other side of the wall) for the previous owner...
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