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  1. Brian94

    Rainsoft TC Series Resin

    I successfully rebedded my Rainsoft AN the other day and am now ready to move onto the softner, just want to do a little maintenance I have no clue of the age of resin. I was planning on undoing head to inspect the resin prior to purchase of new material. Not sure if there is a gravel bed...
  2. Brian94

    Pinhole in pressure tank

    Good evening everyone. Finished doing some lighting upgrades in my well area of basement. I noticed rust like runs down my tank, peeled the sticker back and discovered a nice little pinhole, obviously the tank will need replaced. I suppose my real question is what would cause this to occur? It...
  3. Brian94

    Air in water (Shallow Well)

    Good afternoon. I have been having some issues lately with air spitting out of my faucets and toilet. I believe I'm on the right track with what happened the other morning. I used the toilet around 230a and there was no water present. I went to the basement to investigate and discovered the...
  4. Brian94

    American Standard Tub Drain Installation

    Just a quick question, when referring to applying sealant on ABS threaded connection is it regular plumbers tape or is pipe dope suffienct? The peice is fine threads. Thanks!
  5. Brian94

    Air in water

    Good evening, long time lurker. I changed out my 2 big blue filters and discovered a small leak from my uv light o ring that holds the inner chamber in place, what is used to lube o rings for water use? I'm thinking of just trying to reseat the o ring. Anyways would this be what is causing the...
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