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  1. pman6

    Aluminum handle on brass cartridge. Gonna be a problem later on?

    I got a Mixet chrome aluminum shower knob handle, and it fits super tightly on the Mixet cartridge, which has a brass screw hole. even without a screw, it doesn't wanna come off without banging it off. will this aluminum fuse with the brass eventually?
  2. pman6

    I tried to snake a shower pan drain, but couldn't get the snake to bend. What's the trick?

    I was spinning the snake with my drill while trying to push and jab it through, and couldn't get the snake to enter the first bend I've had difficulty with ptraps before. I gave up on a tub once, and I gave up on this too. Luckily the toilet plunger busted the shower clog. but am I snaking...
  3. pman6

    Have you ever seen roots like this under a toilet?

    I can't tell where these are coming from. The drain is clear and there are no roots coming through the inside of the drain. There are no bushes outside. The neighbor's bushes are higher in elevation behind a concrete wall, and 15ft away. How do i kill it to prevent it from growing back? These...
  4. pman6

    Sudden toilet drain clog. I'm hesitant to push it through.

    Old house built in 1966. Cast iron drain pipes. Toilet clog is causing kitchen, laundry, bathroom sink/shower to back up. Whatever the tenant flushed down is big enough to completely block the pipe. If I push it through, I'm afraid it will clog the main line, especially if the main line is...
  5. pman6

    Why are solid brass fht hose ends so hard to find now? Only aluminum junk now. Corrosion

    anyone know where to buy real brass fht hose fittings? The garbage they sell everywhere now is aluminum, and will corrode hose bibbs. even on ebay they advertise "solid brass", and the description says aluminum. What can be done to prevent corrosion between bibb and hose end? especially...
  6. pman6

    Realistically, how likely is this compression valve gonna fly off?

    I thought I would be able to solder, but all I created was a leaky valve. So I installed this compression valve on my water heater instead. Used a whole lotta strength to tighten these nuts. Can I rest assured there's a very super unlikely chance this valve will blow itself off? I sanded...
  7. pman6

    If valve won't flow until I unscrew the solenoid, which part has failed?

    I have some Toro valves installed in 1992. They are one-piece and can't be taken apart. The only thing user replaceable is the solenoid. It does not use the universal solenoid you can find at big box. one valve will not open unless I unscrew the solenoid. It will just dribble water otherwise...
  8. pman6

    Using t&p valve to drain water heater is bad?

    I just did a water heater flush at my rental house today, and had the tenant open the hot water at the sink. but the wh was still draining really slowly, until I opened the tp valve, and the water finally started gushing out. I kept the tp valve open for 30 minutes while i was flushing and...
  9. pman6

    What's current code? water meter to house piping. Los Angeles county.

    I have galvanized pipe running from the meter to the house, and eventually it will fail and need to be replaced. What's the reliable and most cost effective code conforming pipe to run from the meter to the house?
  10. pman6

    Do all full port ball valves come only with Teflon seals? and why would the seam leak?

    Are the teflon seals not removable? and I see multiple bad reviews of home depot everbilt ball valves leaking at the body seam. Is that because the 2 pieces weren't tightened enough before sweating? or is there supposed to be joint compound on the seam thread? or can excessive heat/user error...
  11. pman6

    1 inch compression ball valve for water heater inlet. Advisable and up to code?

    My water heater leaking inlet gate valve is soldered to 1 inch pipe on both ends. Can I remove it and just install this compression ball valve.... This is my current failed joint...
  12. pman6

    Any significant construction difference between a 6 yr and 12 year heater?

    Both aosmith and rheem have a gas water heater model that comes with an electronic flue damper and 12 year warranty and brass drain valve. After gas company rebate, the net price is the same as the cheapest model in the store. The problem is, I don't have an electrical outlet in the w.h room...
  13. pman6

    Water heater rusted due to roof leak. Slab is sorta wet. fubar'd?

    50 gallon rheem wh. Replace soon? utility room roof leaked for years, leaving the slab wet, with the w.h sitting directly on the slab. roof is fixed, but slab still has a damp spot next to the back of the w.h. see picture. upper right of photo is dry slab. looking at the rust , do you think...
  14. pman6

    Toilet drain- is it secured to anything?

    I had a 2nd floor toilet leak which most likely is from a failed wax ring. I busted open the 1st floor ceiling to take a look. I dunno if I saw clearly, but the abs drain pipe didn't look like it was secured to the plywood underlayment. I could see the cutout hole in the plywood How is the...
  15. pman6

    Piezo igniter, no spark?

    pilot went out and wh won't light up anymore on this GE 50 gal. pushed the igniter and no sparks were seen. I removed the whole burner assembly, along with the igniter switch. Clicked it a hundred times. no spark. I did shock myself while holding the assembly while clicking the igniter...
  16. pman6

    Tub overflow drain assembly broken? Polypropylene or brass replacement better?

    Trying to decide if I should go with plastic or brass. Which is more reliable and durable? Need to know the pros and cons for this rental house repair. I just removed my existing old brass overflow drain assembly. the tub drain horizontal pipe was leaking and came apart. It leaked at the...
  17. pman6

    Tub overflow stopper fell down pipe. Options.

    Are there any special tools plumbers can use to extract the stopper? The water is completely blocked. Tried a wire coat hanger, and could not fish it out. The wire bottomed out, the wire length seemed to reach the p-trap. so I'm concerned the stopper is further down, hopefully not through the...
  18. pman6

    Is there an easy way to fix this tub spout leak?

    Several years ago, a plumber changed the spout connection from slip on to screw on. He added a coupler and male connector. Now the coupling joint has failed and it sprays water behind the tub. Is there any over the counter part that can be used to fix this connection? I was thinking maybe...
  19. pman6

    Have you ever seen valve pipe get cut like this?

    I changed a Mixet valve today, and was surprised to see a cut in the pipe thread. Maybe the previous homeowner cut it, or maybe the plumber back in 1966 made a mistake? or did mixet valves come like this?
  20. pman6

    1966 house. Recommended shower valve replacements?

    Have a mixet valve in there now in this rental house. What shower valve/handle do you recommend if I want to upgrade the valve in the future? I want something future proof, not too expensive, and easy to repair if it leaks. There are 2 mixets in the house, and they're sort of a pain in the...
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