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  1. shawndh

    Need help fixing a weak kitchen sink sprayer

    Okay. So, when we bought the house back in 2009, all the fixtures appear to have been updated to some nice looking brass/chrome stuff throughout. Heavy and seems quality but I've been having issues with them frequently. Problem is, it's hard to identify who makes the stuff. So after some...
  2. shawndh

    Is a 30 gal ejection pump basin large enough for in-law suite?

    I'm trying to pick a pump package for a basement finishing project. It's going to have a full bath, kitchen, and washing machine. It will just be one person living there. Will a 30 gallon basin be large enough?
  3. shawndh

    Sewage pump basin size?

    I just ordered a Zoeller kit from with a 24" x 36" basin. Can someone tell me how many gallons that size relates to? Irawoods sales person didn't seem to know, but we both know that the "18 x 24" is a 30 gal basin. I wanted something a little larger than a 30 gal because this system...
  4. shawndh

    Rannai pressure release valve leaking

    I've been hearing a hissing noise in my pipes for weeks now and I finally realized it was coming from the tankless water heater. I was out on the porch and I saw water dripping from the unit. When I opened it I heard the hissing noise and saw that the water was coming from the PRV. I pulled on...
  5. shawndh

    Need suggestions on sewage ejection pump for in-law suite in basement

    I've been looking for months for information on how to choose the best pump for my application. I'm basically building an apartment for my mother-in-law in our basement with a full bath, kitchen, washer & dryer hookups, and all. We're on septic tank, and the line going out of the basement is...
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