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  1. RRW

    Rheem/Richmond safety system

    Can somone give a short description of the safety system that Rheem uses? All references to it simply say that it is "one trip" if it is triggered by volatile inflammable material and would need to be reset by a "technician" Apparently something glass breaks if the system is triggered. TNx, RW
  2. RRW

    Looking for an Eljer Newport

    One Piece white compact ADA, I am happy with it but flange cracked and it is now discontinued. Any help, thanks
  3. RRW


    Talking to my plumber today and he said that when the city came out to shut off a delinquent water account they found the BBox had been poured full of gravel. City went away and he didnt see if they came back. I suppose the next step in this would be to pour it full of quckcrete. Gotta love...
  4. RRW

    Older bathroom faucet repair

    This is a double handle faucet. Packing is bad as hot leaks when cold it turned on. When handle is removed I see a metal piece with a half round shelf standing up. When I tried to turn this it would not budge. Do I need to really put some torque on it to get it to turn or is there something...
  5. RRW

    Ground fault interupter question

    This should be simple but I gotta ask. As I understand it, the gfi kicks in if there is an imbalance in current betweeen the hot and neutral. This being the case could a person receive a strong shock by being in the circuit between the ground and neutral and not trip the gfie? In other words...
  6. RRW

    Alternative Cooling

    Anyone have experience with the Mitsubishi through the wall units or with the portable cool/heat units that breathe through a window?
  7. RRW

    Add on Bathroom?

    A lot of years ago I saw in a magazine that someone was going to manufacture a modular bathroom that could be added on the outside of a house. Anyone know if that type of thing is available at the current time? Thanks, RRW
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