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  1. AlGreen

    Leaking Cold Water/Beverage Faucet

    The faucet for our filtered water is wet where the spout meets the base. As you can see, it's been this way a while, hence the corrosion. Is there an internal washer at the leaking point that can be replaced? Trying to find out before I bother taking it apart vs. just buying a new faucet.
  2. AlGreen

    Lennox Blower Motor Issue

    For the past several days the AC for my upstairs has intermittently not responded to thermostat calls for cooling. I have two zones, with the upstairs one consisting of a Carrier Infinity 24ANB6 central AC, an old Lennox Elite G24M2 furnace, and Honeywell VisionPro 8000 thermostat. Those times...
  3. AlGreen

    Sewer backflow valve: Do I need one?

    I could use some perspective from the plumbers here on whether I should be looking into installing (or having installed) a backflow preventer in our main line. We've been in this house (built circa 1926) for about five years, and haven't had any significant clogs or issues with the line to this...
  4. AlGreen

    Stick with fiberglass furnace filters?

    We've lived in our current house for about six years. It's a two zone set-up with Lennox furnaces and Carrier central air units (the Carriers were bought by us three years ago). I've been using fiberglass filters the whole time, mostly because of concerns about higher MERV pleated filters...
  5. AlGreen

    Removing grout from shower wall/floor joint to replace with caulk

    Several spots in the grout where the shower walls and floor meet have cracked. Rather than re-grout, I'm going to use silicone caulk. What I'm wondering is how much grout I should be aiming to remove. All? Or just to a certain depth? I've attached two photos showing where I'm at now with one...
  6. AlGreen

    Dishwasher water hammer

    Every time we do a load of dishes, the pipes rattle when the supply valve closes. I added a Sioux Chief mini rester where the supply line connects nearby under the sink, but it didn't help. I assume I need to put one right at the dishwasher valve instead, but want to confirm. Thanks.
  7. AlGreen

    Yet another... "Which water heater should I buy?"

    Our 9-year-old gas heater just started leaking, so it's time. Looking for the regular tank type, capacity for 2-4 people, good energy efficiency, and willing to spend up to $1500.
  8. AlGreen

    Draining a water heater

    I've owned my house for two years and haven't drained the water heater, so I figure it's time. The heater is in the basement, and I don't have any floor drains. Can/should I empty it into one of the main line access points? Or would it make more sense to pick up a pump and drain it outside?
  9. AlGreen

    Circular Saw tripping GFCI outlets

    I have a relatively new Skil saw (approximately a year old) that had been working fine when I plugged it into the outlet in my garage. Then I changed out this outlet to a GFCI (per code) and now the saw trips the outlet every time I turn it on. I tried it on a different outside GFCI outlet on a...
  10. AlGreen

    Plumbers: Which kitchen faucet brands are tops in quality/reliability?

    We currently have a pretty tired (looking and functioning) Grohe faucet that was here when we bought our house. Given that a new faucet can run $400+, I want our next one to be well-made internally and last several years at least. What brands fit the bill without breaking the bank?
  11. AlGreen

    Finding Sink Vent

    In another thread, I noted that a plumber who checked out the gurgling in my second floor bathroom sink said he didn't think it was vented. He didn't use a camera, but instead stuck a screw driver in the space around where the drain pipe enters the wall (inside the vanity) and felt for a vent...
  12. AlGreen

    Strange Dimmer Switch Wiring

    I went to replace an old dimmer switch with one that's LED compatible (I was hearing a buzz), when I was presented with this wiring setup. In case it's hard to see from the photo, there are two separate NM cables feeding into the box. The neutral and ground wires have been twisted together...
  13. AlGreen

    Installing an AFCI breaker

    I have a Cutler Hammer breaker panel, and I'd like to know how involved (and dangerous) it would be for me to replace an existing breaker with an AFCI. While I've done some basic wiring around the house, I've never replaced a breaker.
  14. AlGreen

    Dripping Sound from Attic Furnace/AC?

    Lately I've been hearing a dripping sound coming from one specific part of the ceiling in the second floor master bedroom. I've gone up to the attic (insulated) and looked for signs of a leak in the area, but can't find anything. There are no pipes that I can see under the plywood flooring. The...
  15. AlGreen

    Washing machine inlet hose lifespan

    I'm among the lucky millions with a recalled Samsung top load washing machine. We've opted to replace it rather than go with Samsung's "fix." That brings us to my question: Should I buy new inlet hoses? I know that the rule of thumb is to replace the inlet hoses when you buy a new washer, but in...
  16. AlGreen

    Reversed Polarity - Fix Causes Buzzing Noise and Burning Smell?

    The other day I found that one of the outlets in my home tested as "Hot Neutral Reversed." When I pulled out the receptacle, I saw that white and black were hooked up to it correctly but white tested hot and black neutral. I eventually traced the problem to a junction box near the electrical...
  17. AlGreen

    Water Pressure Reading next steps

    Due to an ongoing issue with water hammer when running my washing machine, I picked up a Watts model IWTG pressure gauge and installed it where the machine's cold water hose would hook up. The static pressure hovered right around 60 psi, dipping a little when running water in the house. What...
  18. AlGreen

    Build-up on top of water heater

    I have very little experience with water heaters, including what's normal and what's not. Which category does this build-up fall into?
  19. AlGreen

    Gurgling Bathroom Sink

    First time poster. We have two and a half baths, and the second floor sink has started gurgling after running water, though it drains fine. Nothing else in that bathroom or the others is gurgling. So far I've only tried some Drano and then baking soda and vinegar a few days later. No change. The...
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