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  1. GEWaterSoftenerDude

    Recommendations for Navien NFC-250/200H vs Lockinvar with tank (or tankless)?

    Hi, I wanted to get some input on the best setup for heat/water heat for my house. I currently have a 5700 sqft house running an old (almost 40 yo) Monitor Products MZ20-40 (I think 142K BTU) boiler for heat that is starting to leak a little bit. I also have a water tank boiler for hot water...
  2. GEWaterSoftenerDude

    Running out of soft water, what to change?

    Hi, We recently installed a Fleck 5600SXT 64K water softener and put in some of the parameters advocated here. The water is wonderful, however, it seems to lose its softness a bit early. The wife complains. I had a look at it and it was very close to getting its recharge 32 gallons were...
  3. GEWaterSoftenerDude

    Fleck 5600 SXT Settings in new house

    Howdy, First, thank you to all who have helped me in the past in my old house. You guys gave me some awesome settings and it worked great for the last few years. I just bought a new house and the water was awfully hard. We used a tester and its at 24. So we went ahead and got a Fleck...
  4. GEWaterSoftenerDude

    Geeking out on Fleck 5600SXT settings

    Hi, I just got rid of an old GE water softener from a big box store that lasted me 20 years. I did some investigating and decided to get something that will last me without the major maintenance the GE one did. I came to the conclusion that the Fleck 5600SXT was the right one to get. I have...
  5. GEWaterSoftenerDude

    GE GXSF39 drain line dripping leak

    Howdy, I have a really old GXSF39 in the house and have been pretty good at keeping it up and maintaining it. I have replaced the seal kit in it before and the verturi parts over time as they wore out. All the fixes seemed to do just fine. Now I have a new problem, the drain line continually...
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