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  1. Tudorrenovator

    Thoughts on how this old home was plainsong with this method?

    100 year old house, but high end for its time. 2 full baths on the 2nd floors, one 1/2 Bath on the first floor. The layout was 4” cast iron, servicing all the bathrooms and fixtures, with no venting except where the waste line comes into the basement, ties in below a 4” vent stack that goes to...
  2. Tudorrenovator

    Would adding in a 2” wet vent to the lav below the toilet connection be up to code for venting the toilet?

    Trying to salvage this layout, it’s very tight space. Can can I add a 2” wet vent as marked yp from the lav next to the toilet, under the toilet connection be up to code? The vertical stack is going up to another bathroom on a different floor so that can’t be used to vent. Is there a better...
  3. Tudorrenovator

    Venting side by side bathrooms, and another bathroom a floor below

    Working on a 100 year old home, have removed the cast iron and am replacing with PVC. I am limited by the existing structure hence some of the quirks. There are 2 full baths on the second floor, side by side, on a 3” line with a 3” vent in the middle going to the roof. All the fixtures are...
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