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  1. tk03

    Heat loss Boiler sizing question....

    Not sure how they did the heat loss. Just don't confuse a heat loss for measuring radiation. The amount of raidation has nothing to do with size of the boiler and heat loss.
  2. tk03

    Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Problems, Solutions & Question

    I find at altitude that a static pressure on LP of 13" w.c. is better. What is the O2 on high and low speed? Is the venting according to the manual?
  3. tk03

    new oil boiler - what to look for?

    A few tidbits. A boiler bypass is an acceptable way to do boiler protection. It is not the best but a good way. But with a boiler bypass it will not change the return water temperature. A boiler bypass bypasses the boiler it does not preheat the return water. A boiler bypass is cold return to...
  4. tk03

    Aquastat(?) on Forced Hot Water Weil-McClain(about 25 years old)

    Just a few notes here. First off it looks like the slide switch is standard not mode. That means no ODR function. The setting of 220 changes the curve when modulating the boiler water temperature which is not happening in the standard mode. The 220 setting while in standard does nothing as you...
  5. tk03

    Short-cycling boiler

    Unless I misunderstood the 80 is working OK the 105 is having a problem but the check valve on the 105 is in a different place. If this is correct, move the check valve on the 105 Since you already have check valves you don't need them on the pumps which was another choice at the time of the...
  6. tk03

    Modulating V Non and Aluminum Heatx v Cast Iron

    As far as boiler operating efficiency the most efficient operation would be the modulating boiler. When the boiler is condensing you gain btu's from latent heat until the condensing mode is over. Now the efficiency drops quickly. Even though the efficiency drops it never drops below or in most...
  7. tk03

    Non Electric Gas Boiler

    As everyone stated above the Milli-volt is no longer available in boilers. You can still buy 24 volt standing pilot boilers. Manufacturers can build them until Sept 1, 2012. Badger good point about the LP truck.
  8. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    The 0014 is actually on the secondary boiler piping. The close spaced tee's are always on the primary and the branches are secondary.
  9. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    I am not sure I understand the moving the pumps or maybe I misunderstand what you are saying. The manual calls for a 0014 or a 26-99 on the boiler secondary pipe pumping into the boiler. The 007 could be used on the tank if the piping was change to a zone useing diagram 32C or 32D. Dana...
  10. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    Your looking at a minimum of 14 ft head. How is a Taco 007 a good choice for this application? I believe it is primary/secondary but again it is hard to see from the picture.
  11. tk03

    Thoughts on two mod/cons. One w/ DHW, one with out. Solo TT or Embassy Onex

    I would do one boiler and an indirect. The indirect is far better insulated. This is probably the least expensive way to go also. Do your heat loss twice, one regular at design temp and one at 60f, and match the boiler as best you can looking at high fire and low fire DOE output. The amount of...
  12. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    As I stated it was hard to see the area of the piping where the boiler tied in. You are right the drawing is right out of the Burnham manual. But as you read the manual somewhere around page 39 dependent on date of the manual, it shows a table 12B. 12B states that an Alpine 150 should use...
  13. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    A few issues I see right away is the IWH tank is not properly piped. It should be 1" (if it is not now) and treated as another zone, not off the boiler piping. The Alpine 150 requires a flow of 11 gpm and the indirect requires 6 gpm. Is that pump for the Alliance a Taco 007? If so not big...
  14. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    It would help if we could see pictures of the installation. Is that possible?
  15. tk03

    Outdoor Reset Controls- Worth it?

    You may want to consider the new MPO-IQ from Burnham. It is also a three pass oil boiler which goes down a little lower on DOE output. The new IQ control will give you pre-purge which starts the pumps only if the boiler is above 140f. The boiler does not fire until the timer runs out, you drop...
  16. tk03

    87% Efficient Burnham 3-Pass Oil Burner versus a 94% Gas-Fired Mod-Con

    Either would be a good choice. The 50 gal indirect would work fine on the smaller boiler providing you do not want to re-fill the tank right after using the tub to use a second time. A smaller boiler will take a little longer to recover and will reduce the IWH output slightly. Of course this all...
  17. tk03

    Heat Load Calculations: Need help to determine Heat Load for home in NE Massachusetts

    You really do not mention the insulation values of the first floor. A 1700 (basement usually has very little heat loss) sq ft home if insulated decent could very well be about 30k. The contractor is measuring combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency today is normally around 85% to 87%, not a...
  18. tk03

    New boiler issuse

    There is a strainer in them can be blocked, other than that replace. Might try manually opening and sometimes they work after that due to flushing.
  19. tk03

    Help for weekend house

    The standby loses on indirects are tested with no thermal flow out of the tank. When most tanks are installed in the field they have no thermal trap so the standby loses are much higher. Most mod/cons are set to heat the IWH with 180f water temp from the boiler. If left there the boiler...
  20. tk03

    Modcon with IHW Tweaking

    The Alpine requires p/s piping. The idea of most mod/cons is to keep the flow rate up when the boiler modulates back. If the flow in the boiler slows it will kinda defeat the purpose. When modulating keep the flow rate up and reduce the delta-T which extends the run times. Variable speed pumps...
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