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  1. RobbyDog

    How much can I push/pull on ABS pipe to achieve slope?

    A bit of strain on ABS isn’t going to hurt anything.
  2. RobbyDog

    Are these water leaks from thermal imaging?

    A water leak would be indicated by damaged drywall. Is this a bungalow or two story? If bungalow I’d expect those spots are simply voids in blown-in insulation.
  3. RobbyDog

    Crazy Situation that started with a clogged toilet

    So, what happened with this? I read through the thread like a story book but the ending is missing...
  4. RobbyDog

    Crimp vs. Uponor

    Appreciate all the advice from everyone. My plumber will be doing all my drain work since I don’t really trust myself to do it correctly (sure I’m capable but would take me forever). I’ll ask him if he recommends replacing the type M copper (I’m on city water). He’s in his 60s...been around a...
  5. RobbyDog

    Crimp vs. Uponor

    Thanks, I expect the copper is red type M...I’m obviously not a plumber but that’s all I’ve ever seen in homes here in Ontario.
  6. RobbyDog

    Crimp vs. Uponor

    I am totally redoing a basement apartment and want to completely replace the 50 yr old copper supply piping. Sure, it may last another 50+ years but it will all be exposed now and eventually covered in sound insulation and two layers of 5/8" drywall which would be a PITA to redo in the event of...
  7. RobbyDog

    Sink drain connection too high...

    Thank you Terry, I think female adapters are the ticket!
  8. RobbyDog

    Sink drain connection too high...

    From what I’ve been reading here, I made a common mistake. I’ve been Remodelling a 70s home—took it back to the studs. Left drains as they were, not realizing that today’s under mount/deep sinks necessitate lower drain connections into the wall. Went to plumb the kitchen sink drain and found...
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