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  1. Wren

    Anchoring Hose Bib into Concrete Block

    What's the best type of fastener to use to anchor a hose bib into concrete block? I've got one that needs anchoring but it appears that the holes for the fasteners have to be very close to the hole for the pipe that I had to drill. I used galvanized for the bibs because I needed to go through...
  2. Wren

    Recirculation Pump Installation Questions

    I'm curious about the best way to install the Grundfos pump that I bought. The outlet of the pump is a 3/4" union fitting while the input has a 3/4" sweat connection. I'm planning on having the return go back into the water heater through the drain on the bottom after adding a tee and...
  3. Wren

    Vent Pipe Under Soffit?

    I'm having some difficulty with placing the vent for the full bath wet vent that services the water closet, lavatory, and shower in our full bath. The only place the vent can be located if it goes through the roof is right under the soffit for the main part of the house. The bathroom was an...
  4. Wren

    Designing Expansion PEX Layout and Brands to Use

    Now that I'm finishing up the drains I'm looking to install the water supply lines. I'm going with PEX A pipe. Is there a good resource for designing the best system for a house like ours? I'm somewhat familiar with the old-style trunk and branch system as well as the logic system, but am not...
  5. Wren

    Horizontal Drain with Wye and Cleanout

    I'm curious if I'm going to run into trouble using a wye or combo fitting in a horizontal drain with one leg coming from a WC and the other going to a cleanout. Here's a photo that I found online. This isn't my exact setup, but for the purposes of discussion, I think it will do. The second...
  6. Wren

    Use short quarter turn from trap to horizontal for lavatory?

    Is it acceptable to use a non-long sweep quarter turn elbow coming off of a trap adapter to a horizontal that connects to a santee at the a wet vent for a lavatory? I know it's typically advised to use a long sweep quarter turn for horizontal changes of direction. Please see photo for details...
  7. Wren

    Where to put cleanouts?

    I've drawn up my horizontal drain lines and want to get some input as to where I'll need to place the cleanouts. The house was built in 1920 and is on piers with a crawlspace. I'm thinking about using a 3" combo wye on it's side with cleanout fitting at A in the drawing due to the fact that...
  8. Wren

    Tub Vent Question

    I'm having to modify my earlier drain/vent plans and have the WC venting sorted out with a wet vent from the sink. I'm concerned that the tub trap is too far away from the sink wet vent to protect it from the WC discharge. The photo shows a mock up of what I have. The lengths of the pipe are...
  9. Wren

    Cost Estimate for Remodel

    Many thanks to those who helped with my drain/vent questions last week. As I mentioned, we bought a house that is in need of having all of the plumbing replaced. I was going to do the work myself, but it also needs a ton of other work and I'm considering hiring the job out. Basically, it's a...
  10. Wren

    Tub Drain Recommendation

    I'm installing a new tub in our remodel/rebuild and am looking for suggestions as to the best quality drain to install. I want to install a drain that is going to be trouble free for the life of the tub. Due to an extremely tight crawlspace, access to the drain will be near impossible once the...
  11. Wren

    How does this vent/drain system look?

    We bought an older house and are having to replace the plumbing completely. Supply lines as well as new drains including moving the sewer stub to the other side of the house due to tree roots and other issues. Here's a couple of drawings of what I figured out for the full bathroom. I'm not a...
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