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  1. James Henry

    Upflush toilet

    A friend of mine wants to install a macerating toilet and connect a lav and shower to it but he can't raise the shower because of height constraints so he needs a unit that will accommodate a standard bottom discharge toilet. I found the "Sanigrind-Pro", but it's kinda pricy. Any suggestions...
  2. James Henry

    Snaking out back to back sinks

    I have back to back pedestal sinks in my house but somebody ran an 1-1/4" horizontal drain from the sinks to the toilet vent and installed a tee where the sinks tie together so you end up running the snake from one drain outlet to the other sink drain outlet and never go down the drain. The last...
  3. James Henry

    Time to tap Some useful information. Also read the comment below the...
  4. James Henry

    Horizontal Wet Venting

    I have some questions that have been bothering me for a while now. Their are hundreds of web pages from different authors and from different times dating decades back that claim ' The toilet must be the last fixture on the HORIZONTAL drain entering a HORIZONTAL wet vent system". I have a manual...
  5. James Henry

    What causes a metering faucet to fail.

    A metering faucet fails when you push the button and the water flows but never turns off. I've tried to rebuild dozens of them and no matter what I do I always end up having to buy a new cartridge. If anyone knows the secret to refurbish the cartridge it would save me time and the customer money.
  6. James Henry

    Need help with food service Insinkerator Disposer

    I want to remove this disposer from a prep sink and replace it with a strainer and indirect waste. problem is, the drain hole in the sink is almost 7" wide and I cant find a strainer or a retrofit that size. If someone can help me locate one that would be great. Thanks.
  7. James Henry

    Suggestions on the best toilet

    A customer wants the best toilet for the money. No questions asked.
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