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  1. Rob372

    Increased water pressure/usage after turning off water filter?

    Hi, I have a rental property with both a water softener and a water filter. Recently during an inspection we turned off the filter and ever since the tenant says the water pressure has increased. I replaced a cartridge in one bathroom since due to leaking. Now, he got a notice from the water...
  2. Rob372

    Recommendations for Shower system replacement?

    Any recommendations to replace this with something similar but a reliable brand like Moen, Riobel, Grohe etc.? Prefer no Made in China. This one has been a nightmare and lesson learned, will never make that mistake again!!
  3. Rob372

    Do you need to break tile to replace rainfall shower system?

    I have a StarBath rainfall shower system with a rainfall head coming out from the wall (not ceiling) and a hand shower attachment (no tub spout). The wall behind the shower system is currently open. Can I replace this with a new system without ripping out more tile from the inside shower side?
  4. Rob372

    Water Hammer after new bathroom install

    Hi all. So, new bathroom installed with a tub converted to standup shower with rainfall and hand held shower system (no tub spout). Long story as short as possible, we developed a water hammer issue. Happens when turning off almost any fixture in the house. When the shower is turned on there...
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