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    Compression fittings need to stop leaking

    I have been installing all the shut-off valves on an addition project. I'm using quarter turn angles or straights, 5/8OD inlet and 3/8OD outlet like the one pictured here. The install went fine on the cold water side, but now I am installing the hot side and I'm 3-for-3 on leaks. It's been a...

    I have a really quick question, can't find the answer anywhere.

    2" PVC repair coupling (the kind without the hub, and not the slide extend-a-thing): The two ends of the PVC pipes will almost touch, do I prime and glue both pipes, then slide the repair coupling down on the joint, with a twisting, jerking motion (sorry, that's an old Chris Farley line)? Thank you

    Cutting cast iron - is it difficult?

    In order to get a pressure test done on an addition (two bath, laundry), I need to seal the drain piping, and this location seems to be the least disruptive. How difficult is it to cut cast iron? Would a rented soil pipe cutter be up to the job? Should I buy one? I intend to replace this cast...

    San-tee in horizontal position (on side)

    Hi, I am plumbing an addition with a laundry room, and am putting in a vent loop like I have seen depicted here many times. I've heard and read how sanitary tees shouldn't receive flow from above. But how about from the side? The image here has the standpipe to the left, and to the right in...

    Question on adequate toilet venting

    I am wondering if a 1.5" vent is adequate for a single water closet. The vent is in the wall immediately behind the water closet, goes vertical into the upstairs story and turns above the ceiling to tie in with a 2" vent before traveling over to the 3" stack. I know the code says 1/2 the size...

    Is this pipe glued correctly?

    I'm hoping I can get some opinion of whether this pipe/fitting looks correct. After gluing the joint I noticed it seemed like the end of the pipe is out from the hub bottom (like moving towards the middle of the fitting). I put an arrow where I think it seems like it sticks out too much. I...

    Long-sweep elbow usage

    Should long-sweep elbows always be used when draining (bathroom lav in this case) from vertical to horizontal? It's coming from upstairs addition lav to the joist space in the ground-level and over to another vertical drain in downstairs wall. And another question, which will either sound like...

    Shower Drain Connection

    In a pickle, I probably know the answer to this, and am hoping someone knowledgeable has the magic answer. I'm in the process of moving the floor drain for a shower, due to plan changes (longer story). The first image shows the drain/trap connecting into a vent wye (not sure on the correct...

    How much damage to PEX is too much?

    I have run a single PEX tube about 25 feet from the manifold to an upstairs shower, going through floor trusses, over a hill, through some woods, and along the way drug (dragged?) against the metal hasps (or whatever they are) on trusses, bolts from metal connectors, and every other piece of...

    Need some help with water flow physics and all that

    I am building in a shower as part of a remodel. Supply lines are PEX. Does a shower valve exist where the supply hooks up below, like straight shots upward to the valve, rather than coming in from the sides, hot and cold? I am coming up through the floor below, and am wondering how much...

    Washing Machine Valves

    I've read quite a few threads here about upgrading washing machine supply lines, and whether using PEX means that a bump-up in diameter is needed. I am going to be running PEX into my addition, and was thinking about leaving the 3/4" supply all the way to the laundry room. When looking at...

    Bradford White PowerVent piping question

    I have a Bradford White M1TW something 40gal Nat Gas Power Vent water heater. It was installed 4-5 years ago after a bad sewer back-up mucked up the burner? on the old one. It has run fine and stuff, but the other day while outside near where the vent comes out, I noticed the pipe was tweaked...

    Uniform Plumbing Code and Stack Termination

    906.2 Clearance Each vent shall terminate not less than 10 feet from, or not less than 3 feet above, an openable window, door, opening, air intake, or vent shaft ... None of these things occur on a normal house roof. The main items protruding from a single-family residence roof are usually...

    Uniform Plumbing Code and AAVs

    Help. Having looked over the plumbing codes for Minnesota, I think they follow the UPC. The code is published in chapters, with sections such as 310, 702, 910, etc. Where in the world do I find references to AAVs? I don't want to ask the inspector yet, as I don't trust him. He has something...
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