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  1. Texas Wellman

    Electric Water Heater Problem

    Recently my WH started not making enough hot water. When using water it would definitely come out hot but then about half-way into a bath or shower begin to lose hot water quickly. I figured one of the elements was out. I turned off the power and pulled the cover off the elements. I tested...
  2. Texas Wellman

    Dual Tank Softener

    I rarely see dual tank softeners but kinetico always are dual tank. Are there really any advantages to dual tank? I realize that you always have soft water with dual tank (can be regenerated anytime) and perhaps maybe the dual tank uses less salt. Am I missing anything else?
  3. Texas Wellman

    SEMCO Pump Hoist (Water Well Guys Only Please)

    Looking at getting their S4000 model. Anybody know much about them? I run a Smeal 5T now but really don't need that much capacity. The Semco is 4,000 single line capacity, 8K with a two part. I heard the derrick is hydraulically telescoped, you don't have to run the cable all the way to the...
  4. Texas Wellman

    Rash of bad square D presure switches

    Just wondering if anybody else has gotten more than a few bad square d pressure switches. We always use the ones that have the little shut off handle M1 (not the low pressure cut off variety). It seems that the contacts themselves are getting out of alignment and also the coating used on the...
  5. Texas Wellman

    Plumbers- your preference for tub and shower valves/ faucets

    Recently I rehabbed a rental house I own. We totally redid the tub, down to the studs. The location of the shower valve does not lend itself to maintenance. I bought a Moen two handle shower valve. After roughing in the valve and finishing out the tile I put the handles on and realized I didn't...
  6. Texas Wellman

    Mixing Brass and Stainless

    We're using a lot of stainless these days since Uncle Sam and the Kalifornia Kulture outlawed brass. Just wondering if any of you guys were mixing S.S. and Brass and if there are any problems with electrolysis and if the brass will deteriorate or if the stainless will? Also I have been using...
  7. Texas Wellman

    High iron in well water and a bad green sand filter

    I have a customer who has a shallow well, about 100 ft. It has heavy iron. I haven't measured it but I would guess in the 5 ppm range. I do know that it will turn everything red and stains heavily. I will test it when I get a chance. He had one of the old iron filters that looked like a...
  8. Texas Wellman

    Need a new ELECTRIC 40 gallon water heater

    So I've got one of the big box stores water heaters, about 7 years old. It's a 30 gallon and it's not enough water for a family of 4. I want to buy a quality unit, if possible made in the USA. I have city water and the quality is not bad (but not anything to brag about). Are the Rheem units...
  9. Texas Wellman

    Leaking Price Pfister shower handles

    About 12 years ago I repiped my new to me house. It had old galvanized piping. We went back with cpvc. When I did all this I replaced all the shower and tub fixtures. On all 3 I went back with price Pfister. Two of them are now leaking through the handles. Is there a sight you guys use to get...
  10. Texas Wellman

    Typical Water Softener Thread

    OK so many of you guys know that I'm a licensed well driller pump installer (here in TX) but I really don't know as much about water conditioning as what I should. That being said I'm trying to help a friend install a softener. Here's what I got from the Hach Test kit: about 4 grains hardness...
  11. Texas Wellman

    Tub & Shower Faucets with CPVC pipe

    Hi, I didn't see a similar topic after searching so I decided to post my own. I'm renovating a house and I am replacing the original faucets. The original faucets were installed on CPVC pipe. What is the preferred method to keep the faucets secure when using non-rigid pipe? I have ran a...
  12. Texas Wellman

    Hey Porky!

    Saw your article the other day about the Failing 250 rig. I heard that George Faiiling was an eccentric man in his later years, is this true? I'd like to see some pics of the little rig if you've got any.
  13. Texas Wellman

    Getting rid of H2S

    Fairly common well problem...H2S...rotten egg smell...... What is the best treatment? Tested at 1-2 ppm.
  14. Texas Wellman

    Status of Smeal MRF:

    Just saw this... Anyone know what's going on here?
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