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  1. wwhitney

    PEX water connectors (e.g. icemaker) reuseable?

    A 1/4" PEX water connector such as the following comes with captive 1/4" compression nuts and a tapered fattening at each end, as you can see in the picture. The instructions tell you to hand tighten and then...
  2. wwhitney

    Some Questions on Air Separators

    Hello, I'm installing a hydronic system for the first time, and have a couple questions on the air separator. The system uses a reverse cycle chiller ( rather than a boiler, but I figure the hydronics are comparable. I installed this air separator...
  3. wwhitney

    Flanged Offset 1-1/2" Sink Tailpiece, 17 Gauge Brass?

    Does anyone make a 17 gauge brass flanged 1-1/2" sink tail piece, with an offset in it via two bends? Something like below, but with one end flanged and the other end plain (and ideally less offset and a longer straight section at the plain end). Obviously I could use a short regular flanged...
  4. wwhitney

    Reading Pump Charts

    I'm familiar with the idea of a pump curve, and that if you have a distribution system performance curve (how much water will flow in the pipes to the outlets for any given constant pressure source attached to it), the system behavior is determined by where the two curves cross. So what does it...
  5. wwhitney

    Vertical Offset in Horizontal Wet Vent

    Hello, I have been considering the allowability of various ways of accommodating a vertical offset in a horizontal wet vent, and my uncertainty has not been resolved by reading the wet venting sections of the UPC and IPC. I was hoping to get some opinions on an example I made up and...
  6. wwhitney

    Sink Drain/Trap/SJ Detail Questions

    Hello, I've got six sinks to finish in a whole house remodel, and I have a few questions on some of the details. 1) Delta 33W576 drain assembly comes with a white foam gasket to use on the top side of the sink. It seems quite compressible and would probably squeeze down to be nearly...
  7. wwhitney

    Kitchen sink strainer, plastic body?

    All 3 of the kitchen/utility sinks I purchased recently came with plastic body strainers. [2 of them are American Standard 7301839-201.002, see below.] Is it worth replacing them with metal body strainers? The main thing I notice is the plastic body seems quite tall. I imagine it would be...
  8. wwhitney

    Use multi san-tee for drainage with top inlet plugged?

    Say I have a set of horizontal drains (already vented) converging towards a single location and I want to combine them and turn downward into a single vertical drain. If it's just two drains approaching from opposite directions, I could use a double quarter bend. But suppose it's a different...
  9. wwhitney

    Closet Bend Details and Code References

    Hello, To my current understanding, a "closet bend" is a sharper than typical bend allowed for use directly under a WC to permit horizontal WC drains to be run within a fairly shallow floor framing system. So a few questions: 1) If you have extra height available for a medium or long turn...
  10. wwhitney

    Circuit Venting Question

    Hello, I'm not very familiar with circuit venting, although I've done a bit of reading and have gone over the IPC code section (914). I have a question about the interplay of 914.2 "The circuit vent connection shall be located...
  11. wwhitney

    IPC Shower Dry Vent

    Hello, Is the only way to dry vent a shower under the IPC to have the drain line run underneath a wall within the allowable trap arm length, and takeoff the vent under the wall so it can immediately rise vertically to 6" above the shower flood rim? UPC 905.3 has the language "Unless prohibited...
  12. wwhitney

    Heat Pump Water Heater with "Lifetime" Tank?

    Hello, Can anyone point me towards a commercially available residential heat pump water heater (40-60 gallons) that uses a tank which is not glass-lined steel? I'm thinking stainless steel or possibly polybutene. This water heater is a cement-lined tank, not sure what to think of that option...
  13. wwhitney

    Regular Height MAP-Premium With Decent Water Spot

    Hello, has a large database of toilets with performance results, and their MAP-Premium rating means good performance and good water efficiency. But one piece of data they don't track is water spot size, although manufacturer spec sheets list it. For example, Toto's CST746CEMG...
  14. wwhitney

    Icemaker Supply Line Bend Radius

    Hello, I've got a recessed icemaker valve box with a 1/4" compression connection that is facing out about 1" behind the plane of the drywall. I'd like to put the refrigerator 2" off the drywall, providing 3" of clearance. If I use a 1/4" braided supply line, given the rigid crimped part of...
  15. wwhitney

    UPC 1002.3 Change of Direction in a Trap Arm

    Hello, What's the reason for this limitation of 90 degrees of change of direction without a cleanout? Why the stricter standard than the 135 degree requirement of 707.4? Thanks, Wayne
  16. wwhitney

    A few wet vent questions

    Wet venting is a little new to me, as it wasn't allowed in the UPC when I was first learning. So I have a few questions on the nuances: 1) If horizontal wet venting just a shower via a dry vented lavatory (toilet is separately vented), the dry vent above the lavatory sanitary tee only needs to...
  17. wwhitney

    Sharkbite in lieu of Union

    As I understand it, good practice calls for a reversible connection at plumbing equipment that will/may need periodic replacement (e.g. a water heater). With rigid pipe that will often be a ground joint union, or a connection like a water heater connector that relies on a rubber washer. For...
  18. wwhitney

    Vaportight Preformed Insulation for F1960 PEX Tee Fittings

    In a residential chilled water distribution system using 1" pex with F1960 expansion fittings, are there any simple/easy products available for insulating the tee fittings? I assume that the typical preformed insulation tees for use on copper wouldn't fit very well, because the OD of the...
  19. wwhitney

    Gasket between Tub Drain Flange and Acrylic Tub?

    I'm plumbing a bathtub drain, and I got an ABS waste/overflow kit. It came with a fat gasket to use between the overflow elbow and the tub, and a thinner gasket to use between the waste elbow and the tub. Then I decided on a different finish for the interior parts, so I got a Kingston Brass...
  20. wwhitney

    2015 UPC Wet Venting Confusion

    Hello, I'm plumbing a basic second story full bath in cast iron, and the toilet is only 15" front to back and 8" side to side from where I want my 3" stack. I'd also like to bring in a bathtub drain at the same level so everything fits within the floor joists. What I came up with is the...
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