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  1. dw85745

    Kitchen Strainer Ring Removal

    I guess I haven't been eating my Wheaties. This strainer ring (stainless steel sink) appears to have been leaking some time and is really on there. I can try and cut it off, but someone recommended heating it with a torch for a minute or two and it would come off. Biggest concern I have, is...
  2. dw85745

    Identifying Shower Leak

    1) Anyone have any good tips to ID a shower leak. Right now, I'm using blue painters tape and covering over the various areas (surround to wall, over glass and rubber seal, surround to shower pan, etc) then running the water and seeing if I can id the leak. Run water, then gradually remove...
  3. dw85745

    Remove Rectorseal #5

    Anyone have any tips or know of easy way to remove Rectorseal from threads?
  4. dw85745

    PEX -- Different Manufacturer Methods and Failure Points

    The PEX industry connection methods appear to continue to change. Looking for feedback on given methods especially leak problems encountered after install by any method or manufacturer. My take follows. ----------------------- Potential Fail Points. ------------------------ Abrading of the "O"...
  5. dw85745

    Brazing - Vertical - Stopping Foreign Material from Running into Joint

    The vertical copper pipes I need to braze have an outside rubber sleeve -- like HVAC pipe insulation e.g. Armaflex). Some sort of slip material (like grease or some other slick product) was used on the pipe to slide the insulation on. My concern is when I start heating up the pipe, this...
  6. dw85745

    Finding Small Hidden Leak on Hot Potable Water Supply Side

    I've isolated the Leak to the Down Stream side after the Hot Water Tank. The Connections from the Hot Water Tank to the Wall are OK. Anyone have any ideas for: 1) How I isolate the lines from inside the wall to each hot water faucet for leak testing, and 2) Once the problem line is identified...
  7. dw85745

    Tie 3/4 A/C Drain Line to 3 inch Septic Drain

    I'm getting tired of emptying the bucket under the A/C Drain line. Since the 3 inch line to the septic system is close by I'd thought I'd tie in the drain line with a rubber coupling, so if needed, I can clean the A/C drain line. I don't relish digging up the 3 inch line to try and get enought...
  8. dw85745

    Water Pressure Decrease With "T" Installed

    I installed an undersink filter. I "T" into the cold water line at the connection point between the kitchen faucet and the cold water supply to the faucet. The "T" part of the line goes to the filter and from the filter to a "separate" faucet ONLY used ON DEMAND to obtain filtered water. What...
  9. dw85745

    Evaporator Replacement

    I've read and searched for over a year but never found an answer to this question. Question: 1) When replacing a evaporator in a TXV heat pump, can a different manufacturers evaporator be used as long as it meets the BTU requirements of the OEM evaporator? 2) If so, if the OEM is an "A"...
  10. dw85745

    Stop Soap Bubbles In Dual Tub Sink

    Dealing with a stainless steel kitchen sink. Normally the left side tub is used for washing pots/pans. Right side unused. After draining left sink soap bubbles appear in right sink drain. Question: 1) Is this common -- or -- anyway to eliminate (BTW doesn't cause a problem just curious)...
  11. dw85745

    Flushing Copper Pipe

    I'm experiencing calcium buildup on the inner pipe walls breaking loose and clogging mostly angle (stop) values. These newer 1/4 turn values are a particular problem as they seem to clog easily. I made up a jig to flush out the lose calcium when needed. I believe I saw (read) where it is...
  12. dw85745

    Compression Ring Over Silver Solder

    I have a case where the 1/2 copper supply line is somewhat short coming out of the wall and currently has a cap on it. I planned to remove the cap and put a compression stop value on the end, but raised a question in my mind whether the compression ring would seal properly over the silver...
  13. dw85745

    Wax versus no-wax rings

    I thought I would try and No-Wax ring for the first time. There seem to be a lot on the market now since Fernco first came out with one (I believe they were first?) The differences in them appear to be: Fernco -- requires install on toilet with adhesive sticking to bowl. Hence previous...
  14. dw85745

    Angle Stop Valves

    Looking from some feedback regarding angle values and what is being used the most in residential construction. Regarding install preference: 1) Full Turn versus 1/4 turn .....(I used to prefer full and leaving value a 1/4 turn from full open in case value became calcified you ......could...
  15. dw85745

    Replacing Drain Valve with Ball Valve

    The last new H20 heater I installed, I tried to remove the drain valve (Rheem) and replace it will a Ball valve for better cleaning. However, I could not get the drain valve out without fear of breaking the valve (used an open end wrench that fit the drain valve slots). I have pipe wrenches up...
  16. dw85745

    Internal Heat Trap

    Curious if anyone has had any problems with the internal heat trap (rubber flapper) provided with Rheem H20 Heater nipples. Of particular interest is whether any experience with them (rubber flapper) breaking off and clogging the piping?
  17. dw85745

    Rheem - Galvanic Nipple Reaction??

    Put in a new Rheem (40 gal, electric) Fury 6YR approx. one year ago. The nipples (lined inside with some form of plastic?) came with the unit and were preinstalled. The nipples are connected to a 3/4 copper threaded female with a 3/4 sweat male with the copper pipe terminating at a union...
  18. dw85745

    Shower Pan (Fiberglass) Install on Wood Floor

    I'm getting to put a shower pan on a wood floor which is unique in my part of the country. The pan has cross ribbing which rest on the floor. In dry fitting pan the two opposite corners rest a little high (1/32) from the floor other than that pan looks great and level. Questions: 1)...
  19. dw85745

    Pipe and Fittings ?

    I will compare 4 inch pipes for discussion purposes and use this for my question(s). There appears to be three types of 4 inch pipe as follows: ASTM...................OD.................Wall Thickness................Other 2665 .................4.50......................... .237...
  20. dw85745

    Septic Tank Redo

    Whoever installed the septic tank installed it backwards -- outlet higher inlet by about 1 inch. I'm planning on having a new outlet holed cored around 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the current. Whoever originally plumbed this used 3 inch ABS Schedule 40 both for outlet and inlet piping and appeared...
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