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  1. Banjo Bud

    Had a scare but all is ok

    yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen and heard my pump running. I had just come from the bathroom so I figured the toilet was filling up. But the pump didn’t quit. So I went to check the toilet and it had stopped filling. But the pump was still running. Now I’m concerned I have a leak...
  2. Banjo Bud

    How to use a submersible pump

    Here’s the situation. I have a 4” PVC pipe coming out of an underground spring on a hillside. It is a horizontal pipe. I capped the pipe off with a well cap and put a 1 1/4” PVC pipe through the well cap and am pulling water from it with a jet pump. So the foot valve is horizontal. It has worked...
  3. Banjo Bud

    How I flush my HW tank

    I'm not sure this is the "approved" way to flush a tank but it works well for me. I turn the inlet water off, then hook a hose to the drain. I open the drain and at the same time I open the pressure relief valve. Then I have a fitting that fits at the end of the pipe that comes out of the relief...
  4. Banjo Bud

    Water test lab

    What’s a good place to send water to to get tested for drinking? I tested it here locally when I first installed my well but I’m thinking I should test it again. Would like to try an online place.
  5. Banjo Bud

    Water heater question

    The elements on my electric tank have corrosion around the mounting plate. Looks like what you’d see on a car battery. I keep up with tank draining and replaced the anode rod 4 years ago. But the tank is 14 years old. Do I need to worry? I have a water softener and an acid neutralizer tank and...
  6. Banjo Bud

    How deep without hitting water. I’ve always wondered

    They say that anywhere on this earth that you drill a hole, you’ll likely hit water. It’s just a matter of how deep. So in 2010, 33 miners in chili were rescued at a depth of 2300’ by drilling a hole down to them and bringing them up one by one in a capsule. How did they drill that deep without...
  7. Banjo Bud

    Pressure on suction side

    I’m just curious how much pressure is on the suction pipe of my shallow well pump when the pump is off. Is it the same as the pressure pipe (60)?
  8. Banjo Bud

    Water not soft anymore

    We had a Hague system put in 13 years ago. Within the last year or so, it seems the water isn’t soft anymore. It backwashes once a week like it always has. I haven’t changed the brand or type of salt. There is an acid neutralizer tank also, and I do know that these ad hardness to the water, but...
  9. Banjo Bud

    Can a well cause hot water problems?

    I had city water for years. Never had a hot water problem. I could take a shower while the washing machine was filling or someone else was washing dishes. Any two or three things could be going on at once without any problem. 2 years ago I put a shallow well pump in. The calculated output of the...
  10. Banjo Bud

    How to raise PH more

    I have an acid neutralizer tank in line before my water softener. The PH tank is the first thing my well water goes through. For years I have had trouble getting my PH to 7.0, neutral. My PH tank is 12" in diameter and about 36" tall. I guess this calculates to about 2 cubic feet. Right now it...
  11. Banjo Bud

    Plugged toilet or drain?

    When my father in laws toilet Is flushed, it goes down ok but not as fast as it did a week ago. If you throw TP in it, then flush, the water rises in the bowl to almost overflow, then takes maybe 3 minutes to drain. Then, an hour later it goes back to flushing ok but not great again. I snaked...
  12. Banjo Bud

    What is ground water?

    If a well is 10’ deep, are you drinking ground water? What about 20’, 30’, 50’? Where is the line between ground water and underground water? Isn’t all water essentially ground water? Didn’t it all come from above ground At one point? This is a serious question.
  13. Banjo Bud

    Jet pump vs shallow well pump

    Is there a difference between these two? I have a Gould’s J5SH. Which is this?
  14. Banjo Bud

    Small tank CSV issue

    Mostly a question for Valveman. I have a PK1A setup which works great. However, I did run into a small issue I’m not sure how to solve. Our power went out Sunday and was out for nearly 2 days. I have a generator so I hooked it into my transfer switch. My main concerns were the freezer, fridge...
  15. Banjo Bud

    Underground wire and conduit

    I know codes are different everywhere but speaking of the majority of codes, if I run my wire underground inside of conduit, do I still need to use underground wire? Or can I use regular wire?
  16. Banjo Bud

    Rebuild of Goulds J5SH

    I want to plan ahead for if my pump fails so I need to order a rebuild kit.....I think. My question is should I order a rebuild kit for the pump or bearings for the motor, or both? When a pump like this goes bad, what usually is the problem? The pump or motor? Or should I order an entire new...
  17. Banjo Bud

    How do I increase runtime?

    i just installed a Cycle Sensor for my shallow well pump. All went well with the install but while I was adjusting the cycle sensor switch, I noticed my pump run time is only 37 seconds. I know it should be one minute or so. How do I change this? Also, when the pump is not running, the display...
  18. Banjo Bud

    Do I need a spare pump?

    just wondering if I should casually look for a replacement pump at a good price and store it somewhere nice. It seems like it would be better than having my pump go bad on a holiday weekend and then what?
  19. Banjo Bud

    Where is the pressure/water going?

    im in a pickle. My Gould’s shallow well pump came on for no reason 30 minutes ago. The pressure gage read 55. The switch is set to 40-60 and the CSV is set to about 57. I turned the pump off and the gage went to zero. Perplexed, I checked all my water lines in the crawl space, all faucets...
  20. Banjo Bud

    Cycle sensor

    Hey valveman, what model cycle sensor do I need for my 1/2 Hp Goulds J5SH shallow well pump? It ran dry. Luckily I don’t think it hurt the pump but I’m thinking it might be a good idea to have a sensor. My pump is wired for 230v. Is it CS1PH1-2HP230V ?
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