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  1. rdonchez

    Toto Drake II (ST454E): Fluidmaster 400AH or Korky 528MP Fill Valve?

    Is there any difference between the internal float of Korky v external of fluidmaster? Or both about same in terms of reliability?
  2. rdonchez

    Toto Drake II (ST454E): Fluidmaster 400AH or Korky 528MP Fill Valve?

    The fill valve died in my Drake II (non-korky style). I was wondering which is the better fill valve between the Fluidmaster 400AH (Performax) and the Korky 528MP? Do both work with this toilet? Any pros/cons? Looking online seems both are well reviewed - maybe a little higher for Fluidmaster...
  3. rdonchez

    Toto Surging - Replace Fill Valve?

    I have a Toto 1.6 gpf toilet (I think the models says ST743S - hard to read) that recently has been surging when it fills. It fills a bit, stops, fills, stop, etc. It does ultimately stop filling and doesn't seem to be leaking. Should I replace the whole fill valve? If so, which Korky model is...
  4. rdonchez

    Plumber Labor Cost to Install Toilet

    I purchase a new Toto toilet and was going to have a plumber install it. The plumber I called quoted me $270 to install the toilet with new seal and supply tube. To me that sounds high but thought I'd get the thoughts of people with more experience. Does this sound like a reasonable price?
  5. rdonchez

    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    Is there a difference in the total distance in the wall between the Ultramax II and Drake II (i.e. how far the toilet sticks out?). Also, how real are leaking problems with two piece tanks - enough to go one piece or is it not a real concern? Thanks again for all the help.
  6. rdonchez

    TOTO Ultramax II, MS604114CEFG toilet reviews & pictures

    In real world use, would you notice the difference between the 500 map performance of the Ultramax II and the 800 map performance of the Drake II?
  7. rdonchez

    Toto Aquia or Drake II?

    I've narrowed my search down to the Aquia and Drake II for a master bath. I like the design of the Aquia but I am worried by the reports of the small water spot and streaking. Is the Drake II the safer alternative? Any experience is appreciated. Thanks.
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