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  1. Waybe

    Shallow well plenty of flow, but takes time to build pressure

    Last year I installed a sandpoint shallow well (galvanized pipe) that is 30 feet to the bottom and and the water level is 21 feet down (for my sprinkler system) It uses a 2 HP red lion pump with a 2 inch brass check value. The gpm last year and this year are the same: ~20 gallons per minute...
  2. Waybe

    Need a second opinion on Noise Coming from Sprinkler Pump

    I installed a 2 HP Red Lion pump on my shallow well that is used to irrigate my lawn. The Pump is only a couple of months old. I start noticing vibrating noise coming from the back of the pump after it has been running for 15 mins. It doesn't make this noise when the pump motor is cool. It seems...
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