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  1. tinytec

    Water Ace pump dissassembly?

    My Water Ace R201A submersible pump trips out after running about 45 seconds, resets then repeats the short cycle. It draws about 15 amps on each of the two lines so I assume the motor is overloaded? We are temporarily on city water until this gets fixed. I've pulled it out of the well and...
  2. tinytec

    How to remove deep well cap?

    We have been using city water since our submersible pump failed about 5 years ago. We miss the good tasting well water and want to replace the 3-wire 1/2 HP 220 volt Franklin submersible pump. The top of the casing is 5' down in the ground! I've dug down to expose the well head, water pipe...
  3. tinytec

    Submersible pump drops circuit breakers

    Five years ago we switched from our deep well water supply to city water. The water/sewer rates have since increased enough so we could save at least $400 a year by switching back to the deep well. I tried to use the pump but it delivers water for only about 1/2 minute to 3 minutes, then...
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