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  1. Optiker

    Shower-only valve/faucet/trim

    I'm installing a new shower in a new bathroom. The two existing showers in the house have shower valves that are like the ones on many sinks - a lever that points downward/forward normally, swings left or right for temperature control, and lifts upwards for flow volume control. I don't see a...
  2. Optiker

    Tankless for occasional use in new addition guest bath

    I've browsed some of the posts on tankless water heaters and get the impression that in general, folks aren't too happy with them. My sister had a whole house system in a very large house, and I wasn't thrilled with it the first visit when I was showering, but in later visits, it seemed much...
  3. Optiker

    Toto Eco Ultramax vs Ulramax II

    In browsing the web for Toto toilet information, I came across two models that are similar in price, but different models and am interested in anybody can comment on differences. Eco Ultramax ADA with E-Max flushing system (MS854114EL#10) Ultramax II ADA with Double Cyclone flushing system...
  4. Optiker

    Kitchen faucet - bending copper supply tubes

    I posted a few days ago regarding the Moen kitchen faucet I bought for my new kitchen sink. Now that I am about ready to install the sink and faucet, I see that the copper supply tubes are bent at a 90-deg angle towards the front. The sink has a larger left tub than the right tub, and the left...
  5. Optiker

    Over the counter sink installation

    I'm about ready to install an over the counter acrylic kitchen sink. It is a replacement, and the hole is the correct size. I have two questions. 1. No clips were supplied with the sink, and there are no molded in points to hook a clip to that I can see. Do over-the-counter sinks need...
  6. Optiker

    Kitchen faucet - left to right reversal of spray

    I bought a Moen kitchen faucet, model 87484SL which has the spray on the left, without thinking about it. I haven't opened it yet, so can still return it, but would prefer the spray on the right, and wondered if it can just be rotated 180-degrees for installation, but still have the spout face...
  7. Optiker

    Flush Valve Seal Replacement - Am. Std. Champion A couple of years ago we replaced our toilet that was having trouble flushing with an American Standard Champion and have been very pleased with it. Recently, it started leaking at the flush valve seal. When I went back to my dealer to buy a...
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