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  1. Rockwind1

    1/2 gpm is it worth casing

    I just drilled a 670 foot well, hit water at 560, stopped at 6:70, cost me about 10,000 bucks to drill this hole. The rating it at 1/2 GPM, the 4 1/2 inch plastic casing will cost me about 5000 bucks, is it worth casing and putting a pump in?
  2. Rockwind1

    Septic tank question and where is good septic tank forum?

    Was remodeling a bunk house I have for a single person renter but don't have any septic. For all the grey water I am doing a French drain for plant watering. I was going to put in a tank for solids and just have it pumped every 6 months. Anyone done this, is it feasible? Septic...
  3. Rockwind1

    Suddenly, well stops producing or impeller ?

    I had a good well on my little ranchette, 20 acres, just outside Prescott, AZ. the original well report from 2000 has limited info. the well is about 260' deep. and states a 6+ gpm production rate. I have a 1/2 hp franklin control box, a pretty nice one, with a run dry switch in it...
  4. Rockwind1

    Open discharge freeze protection selinoid and drain

    Well as you can see from a picture, i have come up with a idea to automatically fill up this tank via the existing riser. I have a jet pump 300 feet away from this tank that fills it up from an open discharge at the top. It’s a metal tank and there’s really no way to run a wire down to the...
  5. Rockwind1

    Slow start systems for 1 1/2 hp pump

    I have a Goulds 1.5hp 106525 submersible using a franklin switch box (not sure of model number but its for 1/1.5hp 220v max amp 8/11.5) well is 442 ft, pump is set at 411', water level is 320' as of jan 30, 2019. Using a 80 ish gallon pressure tank and a 30-50 pressure switch. Does...
  6. Rockwind1

    Pressure tank setting pressure accurately? how possible

    My upper tank and jet pump and pressure tank uses a pressure switch preset at 30-50,, I put a new pressure gauge on to see exactly where it cut off and cut on. (it never had one) it cut off at exactly 48 psi and cut on at exactly 26 psi. I've been reading how important it is to set tank...
  7. Rockwind1

    400-450' water line, uphill, what size?

    I have to send some water uphill to a tank,, it is about 400-450" in length,, I really don't want to string together a bunch of PVC pipes,, it is also going up hill about 55 ft in elevation. the current pipe is 3 times as long and the last 500' of it is 1/2 in PVC possibly,, ( I am not...
  8. Rockwind1

    Local professional well repair guy says I need new pressure tank, is he lying?

    My set up is configured as follows, a 360 foot submersible pump in the well, it pumps water straight up into a 3000 gallon black poly water tank,The submersible pump is switched on and off with some sort of electrode lower and upper limit system. A typical inch and a quarter pipe comes from the...
  9. Rockwind1

    Older steel Texaco water tank,, ok for potable water?

    have a chance to pick up this old tank used as a water tank. bought new back in the 60's and only used for water (so I have been told). I was going to use it for water storage for my windmill. any thoughts on using it for potable water,,
  10. Rockwind1

    How clean is water, my storage tank looks fine but I wonder

    Has anyone every "sterilized" their storage tanks? If so, how often should they be cleaned. I do see some debris at the bottom of my tanks. Is bleach still a safe thing to use? Here are my 2 tanks, they are both like 1000 gal + I do believe. The black tank gets water from the...
  11. Rockwind1

    How to automatically fill up storage tank

    I have a slightly complicated system for my ranch (20 acres) . I have a decent well on the flat part with a well house and 1000 gallon storage tank with a jet pump/jockey pump and 25-ish gallon pressure pod. That jet pump sends water to the barn and horse facilities, which are down on the...
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