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  1. MARSappliance

    Getting a rash of bad Whirlpool heaters

    I work on lots of appliances and there is often a wait factor for some parts. certainly customers without hot water are even more understandably impatient for parts. on gas heater with light off no hot water - or 1 to 2 flash no hot water - the fastest way to diagnose is by testing the...
  2. MARSappliance

    Whirlpool Flame Lock Heater Often Fails to Maintain Hot Water ("False" Status Light)

    You will want to call the phone number on the side of your heater - If you have cleaned the Flame trap on the bottom of heater and cannot reset - by pushing the little peg in the center of the white round button with the two wires connected at the bottom right side of the burner assembly then...
  3. MARSappliance

    New Homeowner .. Need help with a new water heater

    Since mid 2014 all manufacturers have had to go to new NECCA III standards – in order to reach the new Eficience standards not heater have had to double the insulation – which now results in water unused staying at temp longer – as far as Reem verses AO Smith – Reem only caries a 1 yr parts...
  4. MARSappliance

    38 ga. tank - not getting 2 hot showers?

    Not enough hot water - a 38 gallon should be providing enough hot water for a family of four at about ten min a piece. You may have a problem with the heater. - Bad bottom element is possible – I would put and ohms meter on the bottom element with the power off – if you test screw to screw...
  5. MARSappliance

    Getting a rash of bad Whirlpool heaters

    Honeywell – Biggest mistake Water Heater Manufacturers ever made. What you should know – 1. Reem and American use different valves – you may get them to work but risk voiding warenttees. - Require dif thermal pyle voltage – and have different boards and trouble codes. I will refer on out to...
  6. MARSappliance

    Whirlpool Flame Lock water heaters, reviews, troubleshooting, repair and support.

    A few comments on the FVIR screen or Flame trap as it is more commonly referred to – it was designed around 1998 in response to reports that the old open combustion chamber heater were shooting flames out the bottom. The problem that arose was that regardless of the amount of stickers that...
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