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  1. FC Fireproof

    Offsetting toilet drain 4-5”

    perfect! Exactly what I wanted to know. I will plan on rotating the 90 to a 45 and then using a 45 to straighten back up to vertical.
  2. FC Fireproof

    Offsetting toilet drain 4-5”

    Thank you for the quick reply. I already have various 45 degree 3” copper fittings so I am going to stick with the all copper set up. I have worked with copper alot before so it’s no trouble for me to work with it. My main question was if I am allowed to rotate a 90 degree elbow to a 45 degree...
  3. FC Fireproof

    Offsetting toilet drain 4-5”

    Hello, I am in the process of renovating one of my bathrooms and I need to move my toilet horizontally around 4-5” to the right to give me more room next to the new tub which is slightly wider than the old tub. The drain in question is 3” copper. I am keeping it copper as I already have a...
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