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  1. jac04

    Navien CH-180 ASME Spare Parts - FREE To a Good Home**

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but ... I have a bunch of brand new genuine Navien spare parts that I bought for my Navien CH-180 ASME mod-con boiler. It was replaced with a different unit, so I have no use for these parts as they are not interchangeable. Here's what I have...
  2. jac04

    Condensate Trap Sediment

    Back on 9-18-17, I had new Navien NCB-180E combi boiler installed at my house. It replaced a 4-year-old CH180 unit. Background: The CH180 unit always (from day 1) had grey colored condensate, and the trap always had heavy grey/black sludge in it. Navien told me this was normal, but the outer...
  3. jac04

    Circulator Pump Noise

    My Taco 007 circulator pump makes a faint gurgling noise when running. Like there is a tiny bit of air in it. There is no detectable gurgling in any of the baseboards or other piping - it's just at the circulator pump. Background: I just recently had a Navien NCB-180E installed to replace a...
  4. jac04

    New Navien NCB-180E - Sanity Check

    I recently had a Navien NCB-180E (14ooo Btu/hr min fire) installed to replace a Navien CH-180 (16000 Btu/hr min fire) that had a heat exchanger failure. The old CH ran well, and heated the house well. My only issue was that I had to manually adjust the supply temperature since none of the ODR...
  5. jac04

    Replacement for Navien CH-180 ASME

    My Navien CH-180 ASME (propane, modulating condension, combination) has been installed for 4 years, and it has been running fairly well after getting through some initial issues with gas piping size and getting the supply temp dialed in (thanks to this forum, especially Dana). Well, I pulled...
  6. jac04

    Pressure Loss - Submersible Well Pump

    I have a 1/2hp submersible well pump which has worked fine for the past 19 years. My pressure switch was set up to turn the pump on at 30psi and off at 50psi. The other day I noticed that I hadn't heard the pressure switch click in a while, so I took a look to see what was going on. The...
  7. jac04

    Need Help Tuning Navien CH-180 ASME Mod Con Combi

    I'm new to the forum. After lurking around a little and finding a tremendous amount of good information, I decided to join. Recently, a Navien CH-180 ASME modulating condensing combination boiler was installed to replace my original oil-fired boiler. I’m looking for feedback and advice on...
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