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  1. RRW

    Rheem/Richmond safety system

    Several other possibilities listed that are totally labelled do not do this. In my case I would not do any of that but it would not matter as my furnace is right next to my heater and has an open pilot, so it would do the job by itself. Interestingly, before I had my Whirlpool 12 with 5 years...
  2. RRW

    Rheem/Richmond safety system

    Check the info in this out:
  3. RRW

    Rheem/Richmond safety system

    I have now found a web site that shows the Rheem does have a glass vial in place. If the glass vial shatters the mechanical system is triggered. Thanks for your efforts. RW
  4. RRW

    Rheem/Richmond safety system

    Can somone give a short description of the safety system that Rheem uses? All references to it simply say that it is "one trip" if it is triggered by volatile inflammable material and would need to be reset by a "technician" Apparently something glass breaks if the system is triggered. TNx, RW
  5. RRW

    Plumber says no problem with toilet tank & bowl

    Dude!, you have got to lift the toilet and repair/replace the wax or whatever type of seal is between the toilet and the waste pipe!
  6. RRW

    Drain tapping noise

    How about air being sucked through a trap on a sink, etc. Try filling the sinks and see if the noise continues.
  7. RRW

    why did the plumber do this?

    Since copper has a pretty high coefficient of expansion I bet it is there to keep the pipe from pushing the shower head up when it is hot.
  8. RRW

    Looking for an Eljer Newport

    Thanks much for all the responses guys, I checked the Eljer site and no joy. It looks much like the Canturbury but with the lever on the other side. Terry is right about its attributes, it is also a little more compact than usual, the depth to front of bowl is 26.5" iirc. Regards, RW
  9. RRW

    Recycle old plumbing fixtures

    Somewhere I have read that in some local they were experimenting with grinding them up and I think using them as aggregate but I cannot bring the details to mind.
  10. RRW

    Looking for an Eljer Newport

    One Piece white compact ADA, I am happy with it but flange cracked and it is now discontinued. Any help, thanks
  11. RRW

    Small hose in toilet tank - why?

    What a fun thread! This reminds me of times back on Compuserve when engineers tried to convince me that a car hitting a solid wall sustained less damage than another car at the same speed hitting an identical car head on at the same speed. Good for grins.
  12. RRW


    Talking to my plumber today and he said that when the city came out to shut off a delinquent water account they found the BBox had been poured full of gravel. City went away and he didnt see if they came back. I suppose the next step in this would be to pour it full of quckcrete. Gotta love...
  13. RRW

    Older bathroom faucet repair

    This is a double handle faucet. Packing is bad as hot leaks when cold it turned on. When handle is removed I see a metal piece with a half round shelf standing up. When I tried to turn this it would not budge. Do I need to really put some torque on it to get it to turn or is there something...
  14. RRW

    Attic insulation

    First, where are you? Second, if you use batts will they be installed between ceiling joists? If so you need another layer over the joists, at least. It is the thickness of the insulation, or actually the R value that makes it work.
  15. RRW

    Gas Dryer Won't Get Hot

    Last time I had to have my gas dryer fixed it was two coils that he replaced, I believe they were solenoids. One previous dryer I had to have repaired had a defective fire eye. I don't know if they are used in the more recent ones. Why the heck does the remember me function not seem to work...
  16. RRW

    Septic tank location

    Around here they use a probe fashioned out of a piece of rod about 5 feet long. Put a right angle on one end for a handle and sharpen the other end. In the spring when the soil is wet you can put that thing down with very little effort to locate the tank.
  17. RRW

    Ground fault interupter question

    Thank you Mr. Marne, that is a definitive answer. So there is basically no protection from cross or should I say within circuit shocks. I know I have received some pretty severe shocks and it never tripped the breaker either.
  18. RRW

    Ground fault interupter question

    Thanks Jim, Well, I goofed up the question . It should have said "between the hot and neutral" rather than what I said. I think you answered it anyway. Regards, RW
  19. RRW

    Ground fault interupter question

    This should be simple but I gotta ask. As I understand it, the gfi kicks in if there is an imbalance in current betweeen the hot and neutral. This being the case could a person receive a strong shock by being in the circuit between the ground and neutral and not trip the gfie? In other words...
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