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  1. ElkRock

    Deep Well System Design

    The motor is a 10.6amp with a service factor of 1.25. So my guess is that when pumping from 490' the motor is probably going to draw slightly more since it is now running 10% past the curves BEP. Maybe 11 amps? But certainly not more than the 13 amps at SF current.
  2. ElkRock

    Deep Well System Design

    I was leaning away from CSV because of the challenge you mention and because there really are no long term water draws. Yes we will have a garden, but it will be manually watered with hose and spot watering. We just dont get into setting a sprinkler and letting it run for an hour or more if you...
  3. ElkRock

    Deep Well System Design

    New Member Love all the great posts. Big fan of Valveman! Would like some feedback on proposed well system. New construction, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, just me and the wife, water conservers. Well just dug by a fantastic well driller who will be giving us an idea of what system to install. But I want...
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