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  1. Paul Blakely

    Venting a double vanity

    In the attached photo of venting a double vanity, I see at least one mistake: I should have used a tee instead of a wye where the two vents join to go vertical. And I've also seen a more efficient way of doing this: a double wye from the vent stack at the level of the two drain outlets instead...
  2. Paul Blakely

    Pressure testing my waterlines

    I'm finally getting around to doing an air pressure test on the PEX waterlines I've installed. I probably should have tied the hot and cold together before running them into the empty hot water tank, but this should work anyway. Except I'm having a very frustrating time trying to identify why I...
  3. Paul Blakely

    Can I use 6/3UF W/G outdoor instead of Indoor 6/3NM w/G ?

    Looking to run 6/3 gauge for a 50 amp electric range. 50' of the outdoor is $50 less than comparable indoor, but all the insulation around the wires looks like a nuisance to deal try to get it into the panel and the range receptacle. Is it within code and/or advisable to do it with the outdoor?
  4. Paul Blakely

    Questions re Efficient placement of main and subpanel

    New construction. Based on location of utility pole, main service will come in on North side of house. Was planning to bring in 200 amps to a main service panel in the single story laundry room. Main draws in that area are clothes dryer, small water heater, guest bath and just a couple bedrooms...
  5. Paul Blakely

    A few rough-in questions

    I apologize, as a newbie I posted this by mistake to the conversations section: We're down in a 4' crawl space here. About to cut out an elbow from the toilet, because I mistakenly thought I could use the el with an inlet to connect to the sink drain. I now know those inlets are for vent...
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