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  1. Sylvan

    Cap for 1/2" angle stops and faucet supply line connections

    NBachers stated "It is NOT compression" please take a picture up close
  2. Sylvan

    Is this a check valve?

    Your very welcome
  3. Sylvan

    Is this a check valve?

    NOT a check valve
  4. Sylvan

    Too Much Pressure in Water Heater?

    Most code officials have no clue. If someone is smart enough to pass a masters exam why would they work for chump change working for the government UNLESS they have no ambition
  5. Sylvan

    The worlds best sewer tools and equipment !

    What a load of crap .. A grease stoppage should not be snaked it has to be water Jetted to remove the build up inside a waste line If your going to spew nonsense try to make it plausible A ROD is ROUND not flat get your terminology correct
  6. Sylvan

    Is this the flooring guys fault?

    Why not sleeve the plastic inside a metal pipe to prevent it from being damaged?
  7. Sylvan

    Too Much Pressure in Water Heater?

    501.2 Water Heater as Space Heater Where a combination potable water heating and space heating system requires water for space heating at temperatures higher than 140°F (60°C), a master thermostatic mixing valve complying with ASSE 1017 shall be provided to limit the water supplied to the...
  8. Sylvan

    Calcium buildup on copper fitting at cold water inlet to water heater.

    The Catskills is known for terrible water I used t go to Kutchers country club a lot as I like Helen and even told her she needs a better filtration system. The Pines and Nevele also had problem with mineral content and non Kosher particles in their water supply...
  9. Sylvan

    Basement Bathroom Remodel - Flange

    When I was doing a repair for the General post office in Manhattan they had 4" galvanized waste and soil lines. The existing Cast Iron floor flange was totally corroded and it was under a slab so I bought a few CI inside caulk flanges as it is perfect for CI or galvanized and the ones I...
  10. Sylvan

    Basement Bathroom Remodel - Flange

    Easy fix. If the existing waste pipe is cast iron or galvanized a caulked CI floor flange is very easy to install . Gently remove the old flange and place the new one over the pipe and caulk a joint. Vertically is is an easy joint to make. I keep several in stock for these types of jobs...
  11. Sylvan

    How for fix a small leak in a vertical connection of half-inch copper

    I did a lot of jobbing in my 55+ year career and normally I try to use paste flux, heat the joints add more flux as the joint starts to melt and the majority of the time the solder will flow into the fitting. It is worth a try before taking everything apart I had a problem on a highrise and...
  12. Sylvan

    A new law firm contacted me Thursday to go to Brooklyn NY and diagnose what caused a 2 year...

    A new law firm contacted me Thursday to go to Brooklyn NY and diagnose what caused a 2 year old to become severely scalded This will be an easy case to win as this apartment building is relatively new and the water spiked to over 161 DEG F
  13. Sylvan

    DWV test question

    Air pressure can cause little effect on a hydrostatic test On the other hand on an air test it can affect the test pressure considerably As the ambient temperature rises so does the pressure as the temperature deceases so does the pressure This is called temperature pressure relationship
  14. Sylvan

    How for fix a small leak in a vertical connection of half-inch copper

    Clean the joint with steel wool and a liberal amount of paste flux like La- Co or utility flux (sos) Heat the fitting all around and the capillary action to draw the allow in and just add a little more solder and use a rag to wipe the excess off
  15. Sylvan

    Opinions on short copper stubout life?

    I also use a Copper X Female adapter for installing isolation valves with a brass or CP brass nipple The reason being a lot of so called mechanics do not bother to disassemble a globe valve buring the packing gland or washer . So installing a FIPS valve makes it easier for...
  16. Sylvan

    Opinions on short copper stubout life?

    According to the copper development association in NYC I read their bulletin in the 1970's Copper tubing can fail from excessive velocity especially if the hot water over 4 FPS and CW it is suggested 8 FPS max It also can fail depending on the water supply too acidic for example. I...
  17. Sylvan

    Min pipe size for a bathroom

    Some try to "throttle" with a gate or ball valves Globe valves are not the best for positive shut off, they are great under sinks .toilets and steam applications when you need a step down steam stations to control volume A gate valve on high pressure steam will have the gate scored if...
  18. Sylvan

    Repacking an inverted oakum / cast iron 4" joint on a sewer stack?

    John I still pour lead joints as some of the older buildings have galvanized piping 4"- 6" and when installing a floor flange for example I do not have access below. On roof drains I like to use lead as it is impervious to acid rain ,bird droppings and most importantly Rubber can crack...
  19. Sylvan

    Min pipe size for a bathroom

    All globe patten valves are designed for throttling. He can just close the valve slightly and test to see if flushing affects the shower
  20. Sylvan

    Min pipe size for a bathroom

    Not only a pressure drop you will also have a severe volume drop if someone is in a shower without a pressure / temperature balance shower valve the possibility of someone being severely scalded is a real possibility if another fixture is used at the same time
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