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  1. Iscrewedup

    Advice Needed on Dielectric Nipple Connection

    Hmm, I also have an expansion tank - so I could potentially copy that exact setup if everything is threaded - so I would be able to connect a brass T connector like this direct to the nipple? The reason I thought Sharkbite was a good idea for this application is the ability to rotate the...
  2. Iscrewedup

    Advice Needed on Dielectric Nipple Connection

    That pic you posted seems to have a T connection direct to the nipple on the cold water supply side.... can you clarify what type of connections I can attach direct to the dielectric nipple? Will any brass female threaded fitting be ok? I should add that I'll only be using threaded and push fit...
  3. Iscrewedup

    Advice Needed on Dielectric Nipple Connection

    I posted this on another forum, but then remembered Terry Love's is the place to seek help! I plan to replace the cold water supply dielectric nipple on my water heater. Can someone please confirm if the following connections will work... 1) I'll use this fitting to connect to the threaded...
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