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  1. Hiluxsurf

    Do I need to turn off hot water heater tank?

    Hi I have a large gas water heater/tank - and need to do a very quick (5-10m) repair on a hot water line on the top floor of the house. The water heater does not appear to have a shut off valve on the hot water out of the tank, only on the cold water into the tank. If I turn off the cold...
  2. Hiluxsurf

    Question about Hansgrohe rough out for tub faucet

    Hi All Replacing tub but to save money want to re-use the existing Hansgrohe Axor fittings (fitted on tap deck) - have a question about the rough out. It is a 4 hole fitting - hot/cold/filler and showerhead - I don't really want to use the shower head so want to use it as a three hole unit...
  3. Hiluxsurf

    Supply lines to freestanding tub

    Hey - PEX newbie so forgive the dumb questions. Existing tub has 1/2 copper teed off a main 3/4 copper supply line. Thinking I will use Sharkbite 1/2 - 3/4 elbow to go from a 1/2 copper to 3/4 PEX (too chickenS=-t to learn solder for this one job) Think the ID of the 3/4 PEX more similar to...
  4. Hiluxsurf

    Wet Vent - Tub and Shower

    Hey So - taking out built in tub to replace with freestanding - need some help on the wet vent as think what is there is weird/wrong. Thanks in advance - learning a lot as an first timer. Currently there is a 2" 12 ft wet vent running from the shower to the main 3" wet vent - and the tub 1...
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