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  1. Banjo Bud

    Finally!! It's in and running. :)

    It may look ridiculous to you but to me it looks great. And you got your walking in for the day. Great job.
  2. Banjo Bud

    Had a scare but all is ok

    yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen and heard my pump running. I had just come from the bathroom so I figured the toilet was filling up. But the pump didn’t quit. So I went to check the toilet and it had stopped filling. But the pump was still running. Now I’m concerned I have a leak...
  3. Banjo Bud

    Do I need a pressure tank?

    I have an irrigation system with nothing but a pump, lines, and heads. Four zones, 6-7 heads in each zone. It’s a non submersible pump pulling from a stream. I have a Rain Bird controller and a pump start relay. No tank. No CSV. It’s a direct shot from the stream, to the pump, and to the...
  4. Banjo Bud

    How I flush my HW tank

    This is probably the best advice.
  5. Banjo Bud

    How to use a submersible pump

    Cooling the motor was one of my concerns. But now that I think of it, I could go from the 4” to 6” or 8” or whatever.
  6. Banjo Bud

    How to use a submersible pump

    Here’s the situation. I have a 4” PVC pipe coming out of an underground spring on a hillside. It is a horizontal pipe. I capped the pipe off with a well cap and put a 1 1/4” PVC pipe through the well cap and am pulling water from it with a jet pump. So the foot valve is horizontal. It has worked...
  7. Banjo Bud

    Want to switch from a cycle stop valve to a tank, need help

    I am familiar with what you’re saying KC. There are trade offs with a CSV and with a small tank (I have a 2 gallon) the pumps runs every time I use a gallon of water. With a big tank, the pump won’t run as often but the pressure will drop for a longer time.
  8. Banjo Bud

    Base for jet pump

    If you’re going to dig down to the granite, I’d refill with concrete all the way to the height you need. Even if it’s 10”-12” thick. I wouldn’t use pressure treated or plastic wood. Concrete would be really solid and last a lifetime. I don’t think you’d ever have any regrets with concrete. Make...
  9. Banjo Bud

    How I flush my HW tank

    Well I drain about 2 gallons out of mine every 2 months and flush it as I described above every year and my last tank lasted 15 years. However, I replaced it as a preventive measure. It wasn’t leaking. It might have lasted longer. I replaced the anode at 9 years. It was 80% gone.
  10. Banjo Bud

    How I flush my HW tank

    Pressure washer (electric or low powered gas) sounds like a great idea if you’re careful. My HW tank is electric. I’ve thought about pulling the lower element out and spraying in the hole to agitate some of the crud and goop up.
  11. Banjo Bud

    How I flush my HW tank

    I'm not sure this is the "approved" way to flush a tank but it works well for me. I turn the inlet water off, then hook a hose to the drain. I open the drain and at the same time I open the pressure relief valve. Then I have a fitting that fits at the end of the pipe that comes out of the relief...
  12. Banjo Bud

    Re-doing my Pentec whole house filter (Big Blue)

    Don’t see why that wouldn’t work. I made a home made bracket out of something similar. Tried to post a picture but it won’t let me.
  13. Banjo Bud

    Re-doing my Pentec whole house filter (Big Blue)

    Vaseline is a petroleum based product. Petroleum products eat rubber. But that’s over a long period of time so as long as you replace the O ring regularly, it’ll be fine.
  14. Banjo Bud

    Re-doing my Pentec whole house filter (Big Blue)

    I have a big blue. The secret for me has been to #1. Put a new O ring on every time, at the very least, every other time. And #2. Don’t overtighten. That way it unscrews easier later. What I do is lightly silicone grease a new O ring, install the new O ring and filter, tighten just snug with my...
  15. Banjo Bud

    JS10 good for 24 hours

    You have to consider that just because the temp goes down to 18, doesn’t mean the water in the pipe will be 18. It would take a long time for water that is normally like 55 to get down to 32 even if it was 18.
  16. Banjo Bud

    Water test lab

    What’s a good place to send water to to get tested for drinking? I tested it here locally when I first installed my well but I’m thinking I should test it again. Would like to try an online place.
  17. Banjo Bud

    Turned off wrong breaker, water heater sparked. Worried about further damage.

    You probably just ruined your knife. But in any case, the thermostat is replaceable if you fried it. Cheap and easy DIY.
  18. Banjo Bud

    Water heater question

    These are corrugated, not the braided ones
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