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  1. higgledy

    NG connection on deck

    I’m planning to have a NG quick connect installed on my deck for my grill. I’ve hired a licensed gas line fitter (the guy recommended by the place I bought the grill). I spoke to him over the phone. His price seems reasonable, but it depends on distance from the gas meter. We never discussed how...
  2. higgledy

    Wall cap damper missing

    I have exhaust vent troubles in all my bathrooms. In the powder room bath on the first floor the previous owner had squirrels getting in thru the wall cap. His solution was to replace the damper with a screen. Really dumb solution because now the bathroom is hot or cold depending on the season...
  3. higgledy

    Bathroom fan exhaust

    I own a TH with two baths upstairs. I’ve discovered both exhaust fans are only ducted to the joists, not to the outside. How my TH is setup above the baths is a finished loft. To the left is a staircase, to the right is the next TH. In the loft are two dormers, each with a small attic. I am...
  4. higgledy

    Replacing hose bib or outdoor faucet

    I need to replace the outdoor faucet, it leaks. It is mounted against aluminum siding. I'd like to find something better to mount the new faucet to, but I am not willing to cut my siding. Are there any products that will provide a flat(er) surface for the faucet and accommodate the slope of the...
  5. higgledy

    Toilet leaks at the base

    My upstairs master bath toilet leaks at the base. The leak is at the rear left, under the valve. The leak is not clear water, it is brownish water. If I feel around the valve and tubing running my hand up to the toilet there is nothing wet, therefore it is not the valve or inlet tubing. No other...
  6. higgledy

    Kitchen disposal banging

    My disposal is making a loud bang when running. There is nothing in it. I felt down with my hand and used a flashlight just to see if any thing was obvious. This disposal’s age is at least 6 years old. Here is a short video. It sounds like I’m grinding metal nuts. Although the sink states it’s...
  7. higgledy

    Kitchen faucet aerator broke

    My kitchen has an American Standard pull-out faucet. The screens fell out of the aerator assembly. It looks like the plastic in the faucet cracked. Can I replace just the aerator or do I need to replace the entire handle assembly? If I bring the handle to Ferguson’s tomorrow would they be able...
  8. higgledy

    Aligning light switches, Simple problem

    I installed a Lutron Caseta Wireless fan controller into a 3-gang switch box. I thought I’d change the other two switches to the Leviton Decora rocket switches. Everything works fine, electrically. I’m having a boat load of trouble aligning all three switches with the wall plate. It’s difficult...
  9. higgledy

    How to fish romex across finished basement ceiling

    I live in a townhouse with a garage. I bought a freezer that I want to install in the garage. Trouble is the only outlet in the garage is a 15 amp GFI outlet that is connected to the outdoor outlets. I'd like to install a dedicated 20 amp outlet in the garage for the freezer. Trouble is my CB...
  10. higgledy

    Toilet hold down the handle

    i have a newer American Standard toilet. I need to hold the handle down to get a complete flush. I replaced the flapper cuz that is what I found on my Google search. But that did not fix the problem. What else can be wrong? Thanks
  11. higgledy

    New toilet runs spontaneously

    In January 2019, my landlord hired a plumber to replaced my toilet with a new American Standard toilet. (I know the plumber bought the toilet from Home Depot, if that makes a difference to this problem.) The toilet flushes and works fine except that it has began to spontaneously run as if the...
  12. higgledy

    Hiding under cabinet lighting wires

    Hello, I am a do it yourself'r wanting to install under cabinet lighting without running romex in the walls. I am looking at this LED kit from Black & Decker. I know it is cheesy compared to what professionals use, but I am living in a rental. Anyway, I need ideas on running the wire between two...
  13. higgledy

    Changing tub drain

    Anyone have instructions on changing a tub drain? I am changing it for aesthetic reasons, it is worn-out gold tone. Do I need underfloor access? I think the tub is made by Aker, so I'd need to get an Aker drain replacement? Thank you
  14. higgledy

    Silcock replacement

    OK, I admit it. I left the hose connected all last winter and now my rear silcock is split. The silcock has a threaded end. If I replace it with a threaded-end silcock, how do I install the silcock with spout pointing down outside, while ensuring the threaded fitting inside the house is tight...
  15. higgledy

    Delta 300 kitchen faucet

    My kitchen sink has a 1996 Delta 300 single handle faucet, which I love. However, the pin the ball rides on is bent. Can I replace the pin or is the faucet toast? If it is toast, which faucet do you guys like for durability? Thank you.
  16. higgledy

    Water just warm, not hot

    I need some advice with my water heater, it is a 5 year old Sears Power Miser 12, which I think are made by State. It only heats the water to warm, at best. I checked both elements with an ohm meter and visually. Both measured about 12 and 15 ohms across their terminals and both looked good...
  17. higgledy

    wax ring brand

    Does the brand of wax ring matter? I noticed Terry shows the Joni-Ring Hercules brand wax ring, but I can only find the BOL Number 1 ring in the ridged-plastic container. Is that any good? Thanks.
  18. higgledy

    single handle delta kitchen faucet

    I replaced the ball in my single handle delta kitchen faucet. But I think I used the incorrect ball, the handle does move equal distance to the hot as it does to the cold. Yeah, I know I am a complete plumbing amateur. Does anyone know how to tell the Delta model from the Delta base? Thanks.
  19. higgledy

    American Standard Cadet from 1996

    Sorry it's taken me such a long time to get back to this thread and my toilet problems. But here is what I am looking to solve. The toilet in the hall is used by 9yo son, he clogs it with each and every #2. But it is not completely his fault for two reasons. The first being this toilet will take...
  20. higgledy

    Confused: Ultramax vs. Drake

    Everywhere on this Love site there is much praise for the Toto Ultramax. What I don't understand is why does the Drake outperform the Ultramax in this MaP test? Can someone explain why no one is falling over the Drake? Thank you.
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