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  1. kd

    Building a awning over a tankless WH.

    I have a tankless WH that has a flue that blows out the front of the unit. I want to build a metal awning about a foot above the WH to shield the WH from rain. Does this sound like a good idea?
  2. kd

    Takagi T4 starts with cold water use

    My new Takagi starts running and heating water when I turn off the cold water, like the garden hose. I installed a backflow preventer gravity valve then a spring type valve on the cold side feeding into the Takagi. Both did nothing. If I turn off the cold water slowly...there is no problem. The...
  3. kd

    Hot water stinks, but cold water is fine

    We have a small hot water heater in our office. The hot water smells like rotten eggs at the sink when you wash your hands. We have drained it and run lots of water but the smell remains. Should we flush it with white vinegar?
  4. kd

    Water meter shows flow

    Water bill is $250 per month, used to be $100. Can not find any leaks, both toilets have no leaks. With no one using water in the house, the little flow triangle on my water meter is stationary for about 5 seconds, then it moves forward, then backwards, then it bounces to a stop. 5 sec. later...
  5. kd

    DW air gap

    Can I install a DW air gap outside the house? I have a one piece molded countertop/ sink. I could do it on the counter top but it would not drain into the sink it would drain onto the counter.
  6. kd

    Water softener

    I have hard, rusty, water from a 140' deep well. Also every year or so, I start getting rotten egg smell, so I sterilize the well and pipes with bleach. I am using a simple filter, but the kids drink bottled water. I am thinking of installing a water softener and one of those triple filter set...
  7. kd

    Flue for a propane WH

    Have a propane WH mounted under the house in garage. For the flue, is there a rule as to how many feet horizontal you can go before you go vertical up to the roof? In the horizontal run, do you make it 1/4 inch per foot slope same a sewer line?
  8. kd

    Standpipe trap location

    The inspector says that the 2" trap for the washing machine standpipe is not low enough to the floor. She wants it to be 18" or less to the bottom of the trap--it presently is 24" Is it code to put the trap under the house? This would make it a lot less than 18" The laundry is in the garage...
  9. kd

    Washing machine supply/drain box

    What is the ideal height for the supply/drain box? My washer is 43 inches to the top of the control panel. Should the bottom of the box be at 44 inches? The plumber says 48 inches to bottom of control box...
  10. kd

    toilet rough in

    Do you measure 12 " or 12 1/2" to center from the rough framing for a toilet?
  11. kd

    Tankless maintenance

    What is the maintenance for a tank less WH? Should you flush it with white vinegar? Once a year?
  12. kd

    No heat from fau

    Turn up the T stat on my fau and I get forced cold air--no heat. The electric glow plug works just fine, but of course after a minute, shuts itself off because there is no gas. I figure it is a broken gas valve or a broken solid state electronic box. How do you test a gas valve? It has two...
  13. kd

    Teflon tape

    How many layers of teflon tape should you apply? I have been doing 4 layers. Also, I have seen plumbers use tape and teflon pipe dope on the same connection is this a good idea??
  14. kd

    Tankless WH maintenance

    What is the procedure for maintenance on a tank less gas water heater? I believe it involves flushing with white vinegar...
  15. kd

    FAU rating- input vs. output?

    I have a 1992 Lennox fau that is rated 100,000 btu input. What is the equivalent of new unit to replace it? The new ones are rated output.
  16. kd

    DW is pumping too much water!

    I have a used DW that is suddenly and consistently pumping too much water into the Air Gap. Lots of water flows into the sink and onto the countertop. At first, I thought it was clogged---but it is a clear passage down into the Disposal. I can even run the kitchen faucet at half open into the...
  17. kd

    Are Patriot and Cadet good flushers?

    What about the Eljer "Patriot" model, is it a good flusher? It costs $150. Also, What about the American Standard "Cadet" It is a mid range toilet at $160, but it has a 3 inch flapper and 2 1/8 trap. Or should I be looking at the $200 and up Eljer models?
  18. kd

    Rusty water

    I have been using the same well for 25 years, about a year ago I started getting lots of rust in my water. I have a steel well sleeve-but can it be rusting that fast? Will it help to raise the submersible pump up in the shaft? My well is 135 feet deep with about 30 feet of water in it in the...
  19. kd

    water hammer

    In copper plumbing is it a good idea to put in "water hammer" vertical air pocket extensions on hot and cold water outlet locations, or is this not done any more? If they are done how long should they be 12" or 6"?
  20. kd

    Filter moved

    After reading this forum, I have moved my whole house filter to the house side of the pressure tank. It works the same but I feel better about it now. I use a re usable filter because I get lots of rust in my water. About half a cup of rust per month. I also have a filter at the sink.
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