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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas one and all
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    Have a very Merry Christmas today even if you don't believe in it
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    must read

    It has been four days and no post so I have now made one. love to see your comments
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    Could someone start a new thread as I am bored and have nothing to do
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    shower mixing valve, metal or not?

    A question came up by email from a student in one of my inspection classes. I am an electrician and electrical inspector as well as an electrical instructor and have little or no knowledge of the plumbing codes so any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there a code or federal law that...
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    Holiday wishes

    Wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.
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    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas
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    At the request of Southwire we must either type while holding down the Alt key 0174 when talking about Romex® or refer to it as NM-B, NM, or non-metallic cable. You adherence will be greatly appreciated. 1967
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    flush fill control

    I have an American Standard that came without an O9 ball cock but instead has some sort of contraption that has no float. I have never seen anything like this before. It does not cut the water completely off and there is no visible way of bending anything to lower the water level. Now what?
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    electrical testers

    What type of electrical tester do you use? Does it have a rating such as Cat I, II, III, or IV?
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    DIY and permits

    If you are a person doing electrical installations let us know if you get a permit before starting you project. If you don't get a permit what type of installation are you doing and why did you not get a permit.
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    pump burns up

    There is a thread in the Electrical Forum that could use some expert advice from someone knowledged in pumps. Please help Mike
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    Equpotential bonding

    Equipotential Plane as defined in Article 547 for Agricultural buildings An area where wire mesh or other conductive elements are embedded in or placed under concrete, bonded to all metal structures and fixed nonelectrical equipment that may become energized, and connected to the electrical...
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    Ground rods

    Per Randy's request What is the purpose of installing the grounding electrodes on a wiring system? First just what is a grounding electrode? Most people will think of ground rods. A rod is just one of several different grounding electrodes. In 250.52(A) of the NEC is the outline of the...
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    Electricity and death

    There are four basic elements to electricity, voltage, current, resistance, and wattage. Current is the flow of electrons and in measured in amperage. Resistance if the opposition to the flow of electrons and is measured in ohms. Voltage is the amount of pressure it takes to push the electrons...
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    Posting Here

    Those seeking advice on this site are for the most part inexperienced persons seeking help on a project they are doing their self. Therefore it is important for their safety that any advice given has their safety at the forefront. Keeping the safety of those seeking advice in mind any advice...
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    Look at this!!!!!!

    From my heart and home to yours I wish each and every one here a very Merry Christmas
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    Be Wise

    A word of caution to anyone trying some of the antics outlined for testing circuits found posted on this web site. A general branch circuit in any home protected at 15 amps carries enough heat energy to melt metal. If there is enough energy to melt metal wonder what it would do to human...
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    Dec. 25

    Happy Birthday Jesus and to the rest Merry Christmas
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    Do It Yourself Book

    From time to time I get some information via email just because of what I do for a living. Any of you who might have bought a How To book lately should check out this link click here