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  1. loke

    Toilets for youth group building

    The organization for which I work is looking to replace old toilets in our building's basement with low flow ones. Our building is used for sleepovers with girls aged 5-18, as well as events for adults and we're looking for reliable toilets that flush well and do not clog. A suggestion has been...
  2. loke

    Basement toilets

    At my (charitable organization) workplace the bathrooms are in the basement. The toilets are old water guzzlers and we've recently been having a number of issues with them. Flappers and towers have been replaced, but there are still some issues. Was told this morning that there is some...
  3. loke

    Skid marks and CEFIONTECT

    Have noticed, over the short time I've had my Toto CEFIONTECT toilets, that while there may be initial "skid marks" below the water line after use, these seem to disappear quite quickly without a second flush or use of a brush. Don't recall that happening with the old toilet. Perhaps this is a...
  4. loke

    Vanity pop-up drain seal leak

    Recently had two new Delta vanity faucets installed with pop-up drain plugs. In one sink the pop-up plug is not sealing properly - upon filling the sink one can hear water slowly leaking into the drain. Tried just pressing the plug down but didn't help. Thought it might be an installation...
  5. loke

    Toilet runs, after supply line replacement

    In preparation for the installation of new toilets (Toto) and sinks we had the old water supply shut off valves and supply lines replaced. Now one of the toilets is misbehaving: the water level in the tank is higher than it should be and there is a slight sound of water running as it appears to...
  6. loke

    Drake/Eco Drake and place of manufacture

    I lifted the tank lid on a Toto Drake at a local shop and noted that the tank was stamped inside as "made in Vietnam". For some reason I thought that North American Toto products were made in the US (I am in Canada). The flapper seemed more pink than red as in the Ultramax I also checked out...
  7. loke

    Banjo counter/height above toilet tank

    I have a banjo counter with 32.5 inches clearance below the front edge. I am looking for a Toto ADA height toilet that will fit under here and have room to do potential repairs within the tank without removing either tank or the whole toilet. The Toto Ultramax is appealing, but at 29.25 inches...
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