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  1. Gtomike06

    Delta b114900c mixing valve leaking into wall

    Bought a little cabin the previous owner built himself and been fixing stuff he didn't get right. I noticed when my wife showered a drip coming from under the shower. Investigated thinking he didn't get the pex crimped but its actually leaking from the mixing valve. It only leaks when the water...
  2. Gtomike06

    Compression shutoff leak, angle on joint, and leaky packing nut

    Had some pipes break during the freeze and was lucky enough to only feed some water spigots. Hadn't sweated any copper in years since the last house was converted to PEX. Sweated a shutoff upstream and got the house back on. Finally found all the stuff to fix it and have had a small leak from...
  3. Gtomike06

    Water leak inside wall

    I'm trying to narrow down where it's coming from. It isn't a major leak I just noticed some dampness on the baseboard and tracked it to behind the shower in the exterior wall. There's a single cold water line behind the shower in the wall that feeds a spigot on the back of the house. I suspect...
  4. Gtomike06

    Black residue around water heater roof vent

    I had all my galvanized pipe replaced earlier this year by a local plumbing company along with my hot water heater. I've been having some ac issues and it looks like when they were working in the breezeway attic they crushed some ductwork. When I was up there I noticed the cpvc was against the...
  5. Gtomike06

    Oatey all purpose cement on CPVC

    I had been waiting on a plumber for 2 months to rrplace the old galvanized pipe so the siding guys could get started on my house. I took off work last week and put the CPVC in the exterior walls with the siding removed. I used the Oatey all purpose cement in the red can since I was going to be...
  6. Gtomike06

    Valve for PVC to CPVC and under sink shutoff

    After waiting 2.5 months for a plumber to replace the old galvanized pipes I decided to take some time off work and do it myself. I've don't quite a bit of plumbing before never a repipe though and it's been a while since I've done any though. I just want to make sure what I'm doing is right...
  7. Gtomike06

    Adding second floor bathroom

    Adding second floor bathroom vent help. I'm adding another bathroom on my second floor that was previously a laundry room. When it was a laundry room it only had a drain for the washer, a 2" drain line tying into the plumbing across the hall which is the master bathroom. I am making the former...
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